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  • inland2m inland2m May 7, 1998 11:42 AM Flag


    Super storyre Eatzi's in latest issue of Forbes
    May 18, 1998
    Page 156

    Regards and pat yourself on the back for owning this

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    • As I wrote here on post # 126.
      Look at the
      historic trend.
      For pete's sake....
      don't fight
      historic trends.
      No more complaining on
      given the charts and information.
      Why didn't you ask
      your broker about
      the charts?

    • Can't believe I bought this dog stock on the
      advice of my Broker. Think I paid at the top. Either 24
      or 26. Don't remember and too embarrassed to look in
      my file what I paid.

      It is only glorified
      fast food and chain at that. Yee Gads! What folly have
      I committed?

      The UNK

    • This stock declines every year.
      As I have posted previously; look at the
      5 year or max chart.
      History would point to a price drop to the
      $15. range before mid Autmumn of this year.

    • I should have put same store sales rather than same store sells.

    • Brinker is still a good stock at this time. I
      think this stock will rise over the next couple of
      months. I do agree with you on the topic and selling a
      stock when times are good. Brinker has not topped off
      yet as in terms of this economy. They still do have
      room to grow. When the economy slows a little this
      stock will slow also. I am curious to hear what the
      earnings will be. I have a feeling that they will be very
      good compared to last year. Many of the other
      stocks are rising because of earnings news. I
      think Brinker will do the same. Only thing I am worried
      about is Mac Grill. Hopefully the same stores sells
      will be postive rather than negative.

    • Patient 0636: The time to sell a stock is when
      times are good. If the tight labor market continues,
      soon Brinker will need to increase employee wages and
      benefits to attract the caliber of employee required to
      deliver the level of service/product customers expect of
      Brinker. This will have an impact on Brinker's bottom
      line, as their current prices do not leave much room
      for upward movement without pricing their menu "out
      of the market" for their category.

    • The person who was expecting it to be at 28 is
      dreaming, no offense intended. I spent 7 years with them, 2
      as an Area Director, and its taken 3 years for it to
      get back to 20. The days of going to 40 and split are
      over. Wall Street will get to nervous when these casual
      dining stocks start going up. I wish you luck, but I no
      longer own my Brinker stock, and the main reason is the
      inexperienced management teams they have throughout the

    • I appreciate the article. It does make sense but
      I do not completely understand why a selloff right
      now. Unemployment is so low and and economy is still
      booming. I could understand a selloff if interest rates
      were raised and unemployment was going up. But none of
      this is happening at the present time. People are
      going to continue to eat out more as long as the
      economy is doing well. I was a former manager who left
      the company last year. Sales were just starting to
      boom in the company. I have a friend that manages for
      Brinker and he told me today that sales for his store are
      up more than 20% compared to last year at this time.
      Although each store is different but a 20% increase is a
      nice size increase. In my opinion a sell off is
      premature at this time. I am anxious to see how the year
      end compares to last year. Hopefully that will bring
      the stock up to where it should be.

    • Looks like a seasonal thing to me; nothing new...
      also look at APSO (APPLE SOUTH) 5 year chart...
      same thing...looks like a great summer buying

    • Perhaps this might have something to do with the
      recent decline. It came out recently, on June 2, 1998. I
      hope this information is of help to

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