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  • cleardrop Dec 22, 2009 2:23 PM Flag


    Dear Fellow Shareholders,

    Hold tight. Several indicators suggest we are on the verge of a rise. We have heard already from management at cc of a confident stand and expected sales increase worldwide during the 2010-2011 years ahead...

    Several forecasts give spring of 2010 as a truer time of ending the bottoming out period and building both for many worldwide projects, infrastructures, and slow re-establishing of the job market...

    I just spoke with an individual who works for a manufacturing company in Central California (Strausbach) which sells speciallized machines (to companies such as IBM and others) which make computer wafers. When asked how the 2010 year looks, the response was, "Actually, next year looks VERY good..."

    Have you seen commercials for the new line of cell phones such as Droids, etc.? Vitesse products are in the mix for ethernet and high data carrying.
    I also talked with a stuntman who is part of SAG in Hollywood. The movie industry is becoming dominated with high commputer technology to the point where stuntmen are hardly needed at times. They are being replaced with powerful computer applications.

    Anyone see the latest National Geographic article on Robotics? The demand for high data transmission is not declining, its increasing...

    I'm not an economist (Some of you heard me tell the infamous havoc-maker on this message board that I'm involved with education). I'm not with any hedge fund, and I'm no expert.

    But if you're like me, own enough shares to make you tied up, and often feel like this thing will never end,.... well, I really believe Gardner and the new members of the Board will manage in a fiduciarily responsible way: After the approval to increase the number of common shares, then the reverse stock split, we hope to be in a position that "may permit re-listing on the NASDAQ Capital Market, although there can be no assurances..." CRG in his letter to shareholders. Remember,there never can be "assurances." This statement was made to directly address these "historically low prices for more than a year..." What does this all tell me? Well if I sell now I lose. Period. If I hold, it looks like it may take a while more, maybe even a half a year or a year... but from this vantage point, holding is the best choice for me.

    All best to fellow shareholders.

    Merry Christmas. Enjoy the relationships in your life and be thankful for what we have. Love your family and your neighbor the best you can.

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