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  • anilsiyal anilsiyal Apr 22, 1999 5:41 PM Flag

    Is VTSS a good long term buy ?

    I'm new to investing in stocks. I just bought a
    few shares of VTSS after reading its recommendation
    in Money magazine & checking out Zack's report. I
    wonder if I should hold on to this stock ? Any ideas ?

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    • Yes to the 1st question, and peanuts to the 2nd
      question After all VTSS built a state of the art fab in
      the springs and that
      expense did not affect
      forcasted earnings, this acheivement is
      unheared of in
      the industry,The greedy top guns at VTSS take care of
      the sharholders and them selves. If you know the
      history of this company, from where they come to where we
      all are today,
      insiders deserve every $ they can
      put in the bank.!!

    • Just love it when the insider sell! They deserve
      it. Yes, I figure that putting in an extra 10 hours a
      week warrants getting a seven figure bonus in
      compensation. The poor insiders are indeed overworked and
      deserve more. Contrary to scientific studies by leading
      experts, excessive options are not dillutive to EPS. This
      isn't a problem because I'm sure there are annual
      grants of options to the insiders. They will always have
      shares to exercise. What is most comforting is seeing
      the soon to be single-digit percentage that insiders
      hold with their company. Keep selling! It helps a lot!

    • This is NOT spam -- just a helpful suggestion.
      There is a new stock website that has been on a
      hotstreak. Take a look
      Some great tips, and a sense of humor, too.

    • VTSS does depend on LU,TERDYNE and other
      customers to developed
      through partnership/ designs to
      enhance the customer
      application. LU has to go throgh
      an extensive relationship
      with a another vendor
      and proved out the design and capability,before they
      dump VTSS, their proven provider. SEEKING others
      vendors is a way of survial in the tech industry, cost,
      design capability and on time delivery are also strong
      must's to be the vendor. IT's not like selecting a loaf
      of bread off the shelve for LU to put in to their
      equipment, DOOMED can be used
      for both the vendor and the
      supplier when neither keeps up with the latest technology.
      I thought your message was shallow and guessing ?

    • I have always read that insider buying is the
      only meaningful sign you can get from insider
      transactions. In particular, if an executive who already
      receives stock options actually buy shares you can bet he
      believes the company will perform well going

      BTW, those who have really researched this company
      know that it nearly closed its doors several times in
      the late 80's and early 90's and, in fact, I believe
      I remember reading about pay cuts. I have no
      problem with insiders now reaping some gains for
      sacrifices made when VTSS was unloved although I would admit
      that the amount of stock options some execs (not
      necessarily VTSS) receive is a little execessive and long
      term dilutive to EPS. Also, if you wait and exercise
      all options within one tax year, the tax consequences
      could be extreme.

    • Good point! It seems like most insiders are
      always selling anyhow!! That what you really EXPECT!
      They ususally consider this as part of their
      compensation! I always find it very difficult to glean any
      MEANINGFULL info from the insider activiity...since the
      predominant activity is always SELLING!!

    • If there really were a skeleton in VTSS' closet, insiders would be afraid to sell for fear of stockholder suits.

    • In this political setting, I can see someone
      discussing greed.
      What insidious thoughts.

      these insiders wasn't doing a superb job, then what
      their options be worth?

      Throug their
      dedication and tedious work to the company,I have
      appreciably well. I have been long since 95, not a

      Good Luck to all/

    • until you go in and turn in this weeks paycheck for the good of the company how can you complain about someone exercising their options. find something else to complain about.

    • Employees in tech companies typically work lots
      of hours and are compensated with a combination of
      salary and stock options. Tech stocks tend to be
      volitile and vtss is no exception.

      employees/executives to be considered greedy for exercising some of
      their options? Should they save them for the long term?
      Imagine when they leave the company and they are suddenly
      faced with all these options that now expire in a few
      months. What a tax bite that can be... And imagine they
      leave when the stock price is down and now their
      options are worthless...

      Think again before you
      call anyone greedy for simply selling some of their
      options that are part of their compensation.

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