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  • Fanofstan Fanofstan Jul 3, 2001 2:33 PM Flag


    Deepsea you sound like have some decent market knowledge, Why get so emotional. Also why post 40 times a day with the same useless theme. I told you about my Vitesse purcase in the high 16's. I also own dpac (a ton of it) in the 1.97 average price range. I also own asyt at 12.85 ,purchased last wek when they did the convertible bonds, and I will sell that between 16.50 and 17 next week. I will post my trades real time but what is the point. Do you consider yourself as a modern day robinhood saving everyone from evil? You come across as a short using juvenile scare tactics, Give it a rest. If we are all that stupid losing vast sums of cash on vtss might help wise us up.

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    • Havn't seen you post , Did you grab the dpac. Post on the dpac board if you bought it.

    • I bought a few hundred shares of sndk for under 19 a share - don't know if I'd buy it now. I just don't know what I'd recommend right now...

      I'm located near Memphis, TN (pronouced Mamphas, Tennersee)

    • Like you I'm not married to vtss right now. Just dating and looking for some instant gratification. I think cnxt will be split up and sold off within a year. Glad you are going to take a look at dpac. Their new products are fabulous and they are going to grow substancially even if the semi's don't recover. I believe they will and it will triple by the end of the year. I think we could then see it double off of that in 2002.
      Anything that you are buying that i should take a look at? Where do you live?

    • Thank you FanofStan -

      Hey, are you really a semi-conductor engineer ?


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      • Yeah, I used to work for Applied materials. I started my own company in 1988 and have stayed down here in southern cal. My portfolio is 100% semi and semiconductor support stocks. I lightened up considerably a year ago but am going back in huge now. There is light at the end of the tunnel. However now more than ever you have to stick to quality. There will be consolidation and even when things turn some of the second tier companies will not respond. The whole idea of anything semi related going up just because the segment moves is over forever. And we are better for it. What do you do.? This board has some good posts but obviously has some people with "deep" seated emotional problems. I like the tone other than that.

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