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  • Deep22_76 Deep22_76 Dec 13, 2002 10:48 AM Flag

    What's with this POS??

    Does anyone know what is wrong with this POS? Dropping like a rock today... I don't see Any News... Does anyone know anything??

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    • Poor punk, everybody is against him (Deep22_76)

      Have a warm bath and a nap, son, it will do you some good !

    • who the heck is Troll?
      I don't give a damn if you repond back to me or not.

    • It was a troll. Stop responding.

    • If this is a troll, you got me. If you are sincere, you are too stupid to understand this.

      <<I have invested my money on this POS and I demand to know what the hell is going on!>>
      Shouldn't you have found that out BEFORE you invested?

      <<If the top management is selling all their shares without letting anyone know... who is to be blamed?>>
      If you couldn't find out that insiders were selling since the end of lockup, you are to be blamed. It is public information.

      <<Do you even know why NMTC is down today?>>
      No, do you know why the whole market is down today?

      <<(infact its been down since the CEO left). >>
      In fact, it's been down for much longer than that. Shouldn't you have known that before investing?

      <<Its all because of the crappy POS management and in that Management, there are noone except Indians and Chinese.>>
      Indians and Chinese like:
      Richard Mora
      Martin Lefebvfre
      Roger Sturgeon
      Kevin Mclean
      Harvey Jones
      Larry Hollatz
      Some have departed, but all are partially responsible for the current state of NMTC.

      <<If you are from India.. hell with you. Go fucking back.>>
      Do you kiss your mother/wife/sister with that mouth. And how do you introduce her? Mother, wife or sister?

    • Unemployed yea? keep on dreaming you shit head.. I have my own web development, web hosting company.
      So you think just because you are here from your messed up and fucked up country you can take all our jobs? Dream on old shit. Like i said, i will kick your sorry old ass and deport you all.

    • A Big LAUGH ! HA HA HA HA HA !

      What threats you make, little fool !

      Tata, I have got better things to do than you.
      You I guess are unemployed, is'nt that right ?

      Bye bye, eniugh of time wasted in dialog with a trash piece like you ! Little sh*t !

    • "the immigrants who made it"... well yeah, but not because of Piece of Shit like you. You've done nothing shit head. You are fucking OLD and useless.
      Why don't you just go back and take this fucking POS company along with you?
      Immigrants other than you or Not like you are still welcome here, but for you and for your brothers hell no! I will kick your ass and deport you right away !

    • Go slow REDNECK Kid! I know it's not all pleasant around the SLUM where you live and have other WHITETRASH for company. Seems like a lot of SOUR GRAPES ... Sheer jealousy of the immigrants who made it ! Bugger off now !

    • LOL.. Fuck off shitty OLD man.. Its POS like you who fucks up everything... I am sure your brother or your husband is running this POS company. No wonder its been dying slow.
      And for your information, I will kick your sorry old ass and deport you back to fucking India.

    • Hey REDNECK RACIST Fucker, listen:

      >>The comment got nothing to do with what
      >>race he/she is. Its simply states that they
      >>(Indians and Chinese) are the one who are

      Go back and read what you posted !

      Who the hell are you to tell me to go back you white trash LOSER ?

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