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  • gigmbwng gigmbwng Feb 24, 2012 1:18 PM Flag

    Judging from your response, you bashers...

    ...guess you do not like it when we longs treat you the way you have been treating us for the past many months. you constantly berate anyone that dares to post something favorable to the stock or management strategy. you collectively have stifled commentary from well meaning longs. you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    i implore you to keep your hate filled outbursts in check and let this message board be the symposium for which it is intended. investing in APWR is a challenge, especially now in the sub $1 zone. try to rise above your wish to hang management, sue the company or benefit from a short position.

    I have only been posting in a crazy way for 2 days....and it looks from your responses that it seem an eternity to you.

    I will stop with my posts calling you mindless bashers out...unless you persist in your evil doings. OK?

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    • Gig, I say the contrary...don't lighten up w/them

      Take it up a notch - to Defcon-4

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      • bl: i hear you. it is just too draining to continually fight these perma bashers. i tried to give them some of the avalanche that they heap on longs, but they are numb to any desire to team to find value in this stock. guess they are just cemented in their negative positions and there is no getting them off that dime.

        i am amazed that we are almost 2 months from year end and still no communications from apwr or SEC regarding status. something must really be up regarding the reconciliation of usa and china accounting and reporting procedures. perhaps apwr has strong financials and so serves as a great candidate to see if the two nations can simply agree on reporting requirements without a back drop of evil doing. still, you would think the SEC would post something since they indicated apwr needed to have financials in my year end or not be authroized for nasdaq trading...yet we are still trading on nasdaq???

        i had hoped we would hear something this week, but it didn't happen.

        i continue to believe the DPG business is moving along within China doing increasing business. this board has done a lot of research indicating that there may well be new business in texas SSE...but we need some confirmation from apwr to know for sure.

        i think apwr mgt and their PR firm are terrified to issue any sort of news/Pr for fear that the legal sharks, shorts and just plain nasty people (like mauve and several other local thugs) will just use anything offered to open yet another avenue to twist into more class action legal proceedings.

        over time, i trust, we will have a strong stock in apwr. but our nerves will likely be frazzled by then as well. glty

    • mauveman Feb 24, 2012 1:54 PM Flag

      Harsh reality has been added to your ignore list.