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  • scubasteve38 scubasteve38 Apr 4, 2006 5:59 PM Flag

    Today It's Up / It's Down / Who Cares?

    Now let��s looks at research. Being the fact that continuous monitoring is an entity all in its own, things that before were pipe dreams are now possible. Imagine the developments in insulin that can occur over the next year. With a continuous monitor we can learn the effectiveness curves of different insulins over different lengths of time. Kind of like how some headache medicines work fast or last longer, it will now be easier to take these recordings. Let��s also talk about automatic pancreas. In my example before with a speedometer (instantaneous results) the automatic pancreas would be cruise control. Almost all of the required parts have been made. Between the insulin pump (letting off the gas) and the STS (the speedometer) all that we need is an acceleration pedal (sugar intake, could be as easy as a buzzer to tell patient when to eat, or could be a condensed serum applied intravenously by this device. The control software (brains of the cruise control) has already been defined by insulin pump manufacturers, or it could be preloaded with generics based on weight, gender, and height and learn based on reactions of the individual. It is taking instantaneous readings�K. I bet more than 1/3 of all diabetics would let someone profit more than 10$s a month if they weren��t technically a diabetic anymore. None of this could be done without the continuous monitor. (that is where you buyout advocates should be standing up clapping)

    What about the other things?

    Size of the STS is big, but Mores law = 60% smaller every year. This is just first generation�K how small will we get?

    How well will an initial sales force of 20 do? Salesmen aren��t selling to individuals, they are selling to Drs.

    What about glucose monitoring in sports training? Hell, we have all seen the Gatorade commercial where the guy falls down from dehydration�K imagine an optimal blood sugar level defined by a personal trainer for peak training

    Does anyone here know anyone that has an STS today? Or have one themselves? I can only imagine that some have shipped already.

    What is fundamentally wrong with this stock? (a response to this requires more than 4 letter words)

    What else is going good for this stock? (a response to this requires the refrain from �� or <3)

    That should get some comments flowing. I��ll be back.

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