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  • ebenkalb ebenkalb Apr 15, 2006 4:34 PM Flag

    open your eyes

    your loosing money here on a company with no competetive product, and no technological edge to improve it.
    What are they going to do in the next version?
    paint it crimson?
    They do not have the technology to make it a glucose meter, and the rest is small change.
    If they could have done it, they would have been screeming it everywhere, for continous glucose METERING is where the money is.
    glucose monitoring is a "nice to have" type of thing.

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    • Now you two please cut the crappolo talk. We all have differing opinions and thank God have the right to express them without some childish ya-ya. Come on guys, disagree agreeably.

    • Boy, that was a hell of a comeback. So typical..thanks for the laughs..always based on emotion not fact.....good luck with that trailer...have a great day!

    • Although you sound like a ton of the way, how old are you? This mommy thing you got going on might deserve a bit of couch time. Oedipus never saw it coming either.

    • Yes it was covered by insurance which she purchased out of pocket, along with life insurance, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Because she purchased stocks, bonds, and mutual funds she would have had the ability to pay the charge without issue. It comes down to something very simple that I'm sure you were never's called the 7 P's for prosperity......are you it comes...

      1. Proper
      2. Prior
      3. Planning
      4. Prevents
      5. Piss
      6. Poor
      7. Performance

      Please don't tell me you didn't spend
      $17.80 on non-essential items
      last week. We don't want to add Liar to the list of things you need to work on. You have your work cut out for you already.

    • I am an enormous advocate of personal responsibility. MDT has been trying diligently to get their device approved for reimbursement and was recently rejected again. I do not think the landscape for reimbursement will change dramatically in the near future. In order for a device to get reimbursement, I believe it will have to replace the finger stick test. Just my opinion, I'm sure there are some who will disagree.

    • Congratulations on writing one of the dumbest messages I have ever read on a company message board!

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