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  • amlnterry amlnterry May 3, 2006 9:41 AM Flag

    AACE meeting



    "New DexCom accuracy figures were published in AACE abstracts - wow!
    The abstracts for the meeting of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists have been released, and the buzz is all about a study of DexCom's continuous glucose sensor. Investigators Lois Jovanovic, Howard Zisser, Timothy Bailey, Roy Kaplan, and Satish Garg report on a study that enrolled 86 subjects, 69 with type 1 diabetes and 17 with type 2. Each subject wore three sensors, each for a 7-day period, with one period masked and two unmasked; during the unmasked time patients received trend graphs (1-, 3-, and 9-hour) and high alerts at 200 mg/dL, low alerts at 80 mg/dL, and a hypoglycemia alarm at 55 mg/dL.

    Impressively, the study reports a median absolute relative difference of 11.4% and a mean absolute relative difference of 15.7%. Additionally, subjects spent 24% more time in the target range and as well as significantly less time above 240 mg/dL or below 55 mg/dL (33% less time and 43% less time, respectively). These results outshine DexCom's data published in Diabetes Care in January of this year, at which time investigators reported an median ARD of 21.2% and a mean ARD of 15.9%. The abstract's Clarke error grid A+B of 97.2% trumps the previously reported 95.4% as well, and the improvements in time spent in particular ranges are higher, though this is tough to interpret without seeing the time spent reported in actual minutes (rather than percentages as given in the abstract).

    From what we hear, DexCom has been inundated with orders, a reflection of significant "pent up" demand for a continuous sensor, and the timing of the improved accuracy data can only bolster the success of the STS launch. "

    Good Luck to all Longs

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