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  • esotericwaterman esotericwaterman Jun 14, 2006 9:53 AM Flag

    beep beep beep

    Salomon Smith Barney, of course, pulled in nearly $80 million from Jack Grubman�s star client, WorldCom. Some years, Jack made as much as $20 million a year. His severance package with Salomon Smith Barney was worth around $30 mil.

    But I make zero from DexCom. And I don't work for a firm that covers the stock.

    Sometimes, a good stock comes along. No more no less. This stock is a buy. I like the product because it beeps if a low occurs. It just beeped. Awsome!

    This company will make a positive difference for many people who struggle with type 1 - and type 2 diabetes. And for all the people who have diabetes and are in hospitals.

    Insurance will pay eventually, when enough cases are made that the device lowers a user's A1c level without adding incidences of hypoglycemia.

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    • Not saying that DXCM is an AMLN, but it's not impossible that a company that looks as if it's left for dead can pull itself out of the mire.

      That said, I'm very skeptical about DXCM or continuous monitoring in general. (see my prior posts) Remember the key is commercialization- which is dependant upon reimbursement and/or ability(willingness) for consumers to pay.

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