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  • mag24lan mag24lan Oct 23, 2006 11:56 PM Flag

    not looking good

    Its not looking good for Dexcom. Management doesnt know what they are doing. There are sales force issues. Doctors don't like working with their pushy sales force who at one time were doing credit card transactions in the office. Customer service, I have heard, is not good. No third party reimbursement. Business plan was ill conceived. Not a pretty picture. Better hope for a buyout if you are long.

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    • This is coming from a user. THIS TECHNOLOGY IS FANTASTIC!!

      All I can say is wow. Go ahead and short, but this stuff, I will do whatever it takes to keep my child on a sensor. Hopefully J&J will buy this and incorporate it with Animas. Wishful thinking, most likely.

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      • The problem is there are not enough kids with diabetes in your situation that can afford to pay out of pocket over $10 a day for this company to make money. And if LifeScan does buy this technology don't you think they would rather buy it for $2 a share than $9 a share. This company is not worth $9 a share unless a whole lot of things change. And with increased competition (even you said you might switch to the Navigator), why would someone use Dexcom.
        Yes the concept is good and the technology is okay. However, the IMPLEMENTATION is way below standard. Come on...they have reps doing credit card transactions in doctors offices. Is this a reputable way to do business? Do you think physicians think that is a reputable way to do business? Of course they don't. This is mickey mouse company when it comes to implementation. And I don't care how good your product is, if you don't know how to sell it you will not be successful. So yes, DXCM better hope that Lifescan (who supposedly is working on their own continuous monitor) or Roche buys this technology. Or that insurance companies start paying for this technology but that won't be happnening anytime soon. It will be a long time before this dog goes up.

      • So you don't have an issue with inserting the sensor into your child, have it fail, grab a new sensor, insert it, have it fail? The concept is great, it's the implementation that is very poor. The investors have gotten their return on the secondary offering, they could careless about what happens in the future.

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