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  • fly_my_brave_stallion fly_my_brave_stallion Mar 5, 2009 6:06 PM Flag

    DXCM was shorted heavily into earnings.....

    So obvious, but it also looks like they used today's broader market sell-off to run thru everyone's stops too.

    If you can deal with the risks and market maker games, this company will likely payoff with a big return and a buyout is very possible

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    • I've been trading stocks for years, and I have never bought on Margin! I own my business, and my property as I don't believe in debt. No worries! The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of the blessings. The inherent blessing of socialism is the equal sharing of misery.--Winston Churchill

    • You must not know how to read. I disclosed my position. I'm not a bear by any means, I just have done my homework and I try understand the risks. Maybe if you and others had done the same we wouldnt be in the midst of a credit crisis.

      I recently purchased 500 shares long as an EXTREMELY speculative buy, basically playing roulette, I have money to gamble , made a killing on my inverse ETF,(I still think DJA could test 6000 or even 5000 over the next few months). At 3 and change/share this stock could pay off 1000 percent a few years down the road, IF they manage to stay afloat. I wouldn't bet the farm though. "

    • No matter what happens tomorrow or in the near term, this company is a diamond in the rough. They are doing all the right things and pursuing markets that will make them and/or collaborating companies a lot of money. I say there is no way that Dexcom doesn't get acquired this year. Mr. Gregg is a first-rate leader and the exact type of person with a passion to get it done. Their announced FDA approval of their 3rd generation product is only icing on the cake. Again, if you can stomach the trading games and head fakes of the market makers in the near term, you will have a hefty return one day with DXCM. Just my opinion.......

    • In my opinion. I've been attending the mobile health solutions and HIMSS meetings recently. This technology is VERY KEY. A buyout is imminent. They have the right technology and it will be adapted to other tests and information management systems.

    • I think your spot on, on your assessment. This company has better days ahead!

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