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  • apocolips_cow apocolips_cow Aug 17, 2009 11:29 AM Flag

    FDA warns on glucose strips

    On Aug. 13th the FDA issued a new warning that hospitals should not use GDH-PQQ glucose strips and monitors as they cannot distinguish between glucose and non-glucose sugars resulting in potentially fatal hypoglycemia due to falsely elevated glucose readings.

    Companies with CGM (continuous glucose monitors)

    I don't own MDT, but own the other three. ECTE trades on the bulletin board (for now), but is the only one with a needle free technology. Jesup & Lamont just issued a $5 price target on ECTE.

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    • Well ECTE sure hasn't been a loser. Shares of ECTE are up 500% YTD and there is an easy triple from current levels.

      Jesup & Lamont just initiated coverage with a $5 target on ECHE but I expect that will be raised to $10 sometime in 2010.

      I'm not sure why you would want to place all of your "eggs" in one basket with DXCM. The space is large enough for multiple players so why not diversify? DXCM and ECTE are really going after different market segments; DXCM is a home use market while ECTE is concentrating on the critical care market which is larger than most people realize.

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      • I am very familiar with ECTE and I am diversified within this space and others. MNKD, RMBS, STST, are all positions that I hold significant positions in. Companies that are legit don't need "pumped " on chat board. Also the bid-ask on pink sheet stocks is huge and companies on the pink sheets are there for a reason. (no company chooses pink sheet hell) I have thoroughly investigated ECTE and think it is a huge risk and will ultimately fail. You aren't here for any reason other than to try and promote some piece of crap stock so you are officially on ignore because you are a waste of time. Tell the "boys" at ecte that the best way to get interest and buying in their stock is to get legitimate analysts to cover them and not chat room pumpers.

    • Hey douchbag , take your agenda ad go away. You have never posted here without mentioning Echo and saying what a great company it is. You come in with some supposed issue with DXCM, offer faint praise but then tout ECTE. Go away and if you love ECTE then wait for it to pop and get off the pink sheets and become viable. How sad is it that you are trolling the message boards trying to drum up support for a pink sheet stock. What was your prior job, selling gym memberships or delivering phone books? Go away LOSER!

    • maybe Obama wants us to go back to
      glucose measurement by urine test strips.
      anybody have any gluco-stix left?
      (yes, it was a joke)

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