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  • jantinna jantinna May 11, 2010 2:00 PM Flag

    Anyone get the feeling a huge PR is coming?

    VERY strong buying today and someone wants this stock badly.

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    • Probably just a rebound.

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      • Yes, this stock is hugely volatile. For example, the other day the market fell 3% and this stock fell 5%. It is kind of upsetting that it changes so much, but it seems to be in both directions. Right now, market up 1.5% and this think up 3.3%. But you see the exact same exaggerated movements on the down side. Get used to it.
        To me this volatility suggests either it is thinly traded, or more likely, that DXCM is in the speculative category of portfolios, maybe because there is negative income and negative earnings per share. This volatility is probably desirable for investment bank traders, program traders, and high speed computer traders, although not so good for buy and hold retail investors. The latter should probably not be trading individual issues in the stock market, anyway. They are at a huge disadvantage given who they are competing against. I guess individuals can always hope for long-shot luck....

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