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  • mikerogersjr1 mikerogersjr1 Jan 7, 2013 11:04 AM Flag

    G4 -- a better mousetrap.

    I am an small peanuts investor and my daughter is a customer. We had the 7+ and it just didn't work that well. It had bad range and just wasn't accurate enough. The G4 is a completely different experience. It's accuracy is dramatically improved ( usually within 15 of her meter ) and the range is amazing. I keep the receiver by my bed and it lets me know in the middle of the night whether I need to act. No more setting middle of the night alarms to go check -- this thing flat out works like a champ.

    They have made a significant breakthrough in my opinion and as word spreads, people will be buying this device in increasing #s.

    It's a gamechanger for our diabetes management. Gives me hope for what the future will hold. In an ideal world, Insulet and Dexcom merge into one and they will dominate as they clearly have 2 better moustraps.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I wore the 7+ and Insulet's OmniPod I dumped the the OmniPod for an Animas Ping.
      The ping is a more reliable machine and less bulky since you always need the PDM with you and it is very large. I'm now on the G4 and I am of the same opinion as the previous poster.

      Interesting to note: Insulet and Dexcom have abandoned their agreement for joint development with Insulet blaming Dexcom.

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