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  • iknowmorethenu iknowmorethenu Oct 1, 2002 1:19 PM Flag

    Huge. Monster, announcement

    The rumor mill went into high gear today.
    Delta will make a huge, blow u away
    announcement next week.

    Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!

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    • takeabus,

      Good point about retirement accounts, to wit: Will there be anything in them at the proper time. Several issues at play here.
      One you mentioned rightfully so that is, if pimply terrorist hits your company that has no terrorism insurance, or crashes your backup files and backup site, what is a company to do but file bankruptcy--and there goes any resemblance of what was expected. Another is the gov't claim to tax-defered IRA/401k funds that could be converted to low yielding 10 year bonds in the event of a real fiscal crisis brought about by rising budget deficits and capital flight from Wall Street if any war is prolonged or the dollar is severly weakened resulting in a deep depression. Another is this looming pension and social security crisis where more [future] retirees exist than are workers to pay the tab. Pension funds are separate from the company but act like subsidiaries which can be cost or profit centers; in a bull market they make money, in this gigantic bear market they are losing lots of money, causing a switch out of stocks into bonds which exacerbates pressure on falling stock prices. Pension funds are not hedge funds but if left to chance risks could get out of hand, spark a banking crisis and cost retirees and shareholders the farm. If DAL had two stellar years of profits (billions) in the bubble years, where was the impetus for protecting against the turn in the cycle, like the Grinch that stole Christmas? Now DAL's pension fund shortfall exceeds its market capitalization, the company hugely leveraged, therefore highly vulnerable to further market declines. Pension funds are notorious for cross-holdings in other equities, similar to Japan's corporate sector plight on a larger scale. What this all means is deflation on par with Japan is a distinct possibility if we are still in the early stages of the Big One.

    • who fired that shot??

      agree with you fully, we need this war and to get it over with as soon as possible, otherwise it will be just like in the old west- little war parties will pick us apart until we do decide we have had enough. and, in the meantime, if nk or china, or any other nation decides they don't like, well then bring them on too. the only way to have peace it to kick mohammad's and anybody's as's, who doesn't like it and take their oil,, and their women.


    • sorry....short-sighted!

    • >Jake, I have great faith in the American people to finally say it is time for a change. All it is gonna take is for everyone to open their 401's and IRA statements for this quarter and then take a long look at what they have lost just this year.<

      ...What good is it to have all the money in the world if you are not around to spend it. How will your 401K and your IRA help you when you can't go outside to go to the store because you are afraid you will be shot. Will you even HAVE a 401K or IRA if some slimy pimpled terrorist decides to open a deadly vial of biological crap in some unheard of city in the USA....better look a little further than your nose and stop being so selfish and short-sided.

    • LMAO at you again ........ you spend so much time, energy, and "wit" bashing Clinton & Gore ,,,, and they have absolutely NO input on your life whatsoever

      You really think that? WOW.....what galaxy do you live in...

    • He and his know it all friends will not listen to common sense, all they can do is try to kill the messinger.

    • I know what the difference is, fool..Live in the real world, and not the reel (make believe) world..

    • Hey Pudgefan2....I belive it is the same war, The war on terror. A war we did not start. Look what really put the economy in the tank, Sept 11 2001. This is not a pre-emptive strike. It is a defensive strike. We have to stop it in it's tracks.

    • I agree with your comments ,,,,,, would simply love for someone to put in a sound bite on national tv asking precisely that same question ,,,,,,, re: 401-k, IRA's, sotcks, etc .......... "are you better off than you were a little less more than 2 years ago"??????????

      i am VERY afraid of this idiot, who left the state of Texas in a horrible economic mess, and he's got Dead-weight Cheney egging him on .... ya gotta know Cheney won't be on the ticket for a 2nd term ,,,,,, and then we have the issue of lil. brother Jeb in Florida, who if reelected, would probably run ot replace Shrub

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