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  • freedomhaslimits freedomhaslimits Oct 15, 2004 10:53 PM Flag

    "Stolen Honor" Contribute, please!

    All supporters of President Bush and all those undecided and those who believe in fair play. Michael Moore had his day, and now Sinclair broadcasting is going to show on TV the documentary, "Stolen Honor," a film that tells just why POWS and Viet Nam veterans do NOT want Kerry to be President of this country. Please access this link, and please tell Sinclair broadcasting to GO AHEAD with showing the documentary no matter HOW much Kerry protests and complains:


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    • Well its your vote to throw away. I learned my lesson in 92 voting for Perot!!!

    • stupid i was not bashing bush. I prefer bush to kerri but this is doesn't mean much. i voting nader to protest not having a good choice

    • Then who the fuck do you support if you dont like BUSH. NADER? Get real, its either Bush or Kerry. If you bash Bush then you must support Kerry.

      Take a side boy and grow up and be a man not a pussy that just wants to bitch without taking a side.

    • I told u ur stupid. I'm not supporter of Kerri stupid


      That why you and the Kerry followers are so nervous. Your little polls dont mean shit. And it appears over the last few days, the polls are going back to BUSH. Now, the panic is setting it.

      FACE IT, its over and the majority of Americans have no use for the likes of you and all those SORRY John Kerry followers.

    • Who cares about Sinclair--Bush is on his way out--all the bits of information that are finally coming to light about either the complete false hood of the reasons for going to war or the utter incompetence of the administration to plan and carry out a war against a small country where 1100 soldiers have died since the end of "major combat" operations.

      And then the economy------does insanity sound like the right word.....:

      Some facts:


      Insanity, said Albert Einstein, is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

      By this measure, the latest Bush tax cuts qualify as certifiably insane. Where have we seen this deranged fiscal strategy before? Remember Ronald Reagan and Supply Side Economics?

      In the early 1980s, Reagan promised the nation that if we lowered tax rates on the wealthy, the economy would grow so much the federal budget would be balanced "within three years, maybe even two."

      Sober people were skeptical-and rightly so. Reagan's Republican opponent for the 1980 presidential election, George H.W. Bush called it "voodoo economics." His own Budget Director, David Stockman, called it a "Trojan horse," a scam intended really to funnel more money to the already rich. Stockman was quickly dismissed.
      The results, we now know, were a disaster. In 1982, the first full year after the tax cuts were enacted, the economy actually shrank 2.2%, the worst performance since the Great Depression. And the effect on the federal budget was catastrophic.

      Jimmy Carter's last budget deficit was $77 billion. Reagan's first deficit was $128 billion. His second deficit exploded to $208 billion. By the time the "Reagan Revolution" was over, George H.W. Bush was running an annual deficit of $290 billion per year.

      Yearly deficits, of course, add up to national debt. When Reagan took office, the national debt stood at $994 billion. When Bush left office, it had reached $4.3 trillion. In other words, the national debt had taken 200 years to reach $1 trillion. Reagan's Supply Side experiment quadrupled it in the next 12 years.

      Is there anything to compare this to?

      When Bill Clinton took office he intentionally reversed the Supply Side formula, raising taxes on the wealthy and reducing them on the lowest wage earners. Supply Side true believers predicted the arrival of the Apocalypse. Bob Dole said the stock market would collapse. Newt Gingrich said the world would fall into another Great Depression.

      What actually happened?

      Between 1992 and 2000, the U.S. economy produced the longest sustained economic expansion in U.S. history. It created more than 18 million new jobs, the highest level of job creation ever recorded. Inflation fell to 2.5% per year compared to the 4.7% average over the prior 12 years.

      Real interest rates fell by over 40% producing the greatest housing boom ever. Overall economic growth averaged 4.0% per year compared to 2.8% average growth over the 12 years of the Reagan/Bush administrations.

      Most impressively, Clinton reversed the mammoth deficits of the Supply Side years, turning them into surpluses. He used these surpluses to begin paying down the national debt.

      By virtually every meaningful measure-employment, growth, inflation, interest rates, investment, deficits and debt-the economy performed better once the Supply Side experiment was terminated and replaced with a more honest economic policy where we actually pay our bills as we go.

      No blustering about homosexuals or sex organs--economic facts, if you have any, to refute those above.

    • They should go and show it and then explain the truth behind Iraq and the many lies that were and are being told the American public about what is really going on and why. They should also tell the truth about Bush and his flying carrier so all those who lost loved ones in Nam can know how he and Chenney got passed over. I am sick and tired of the whole thing and it would heal the country if we knew the truth why our kids are dying in Iraq , the real truth not some made up excuse like WMD.

      • 2 Replies to mantis691999
      • I fully agreed. Unfortunately so many American young soils are wasted in Irag due to one man's desire to take down Saddam, who is nothing but a sick and useless paper tiger who actually considers Iran his biggest threat. What a joke ! I feel sorry for those parents and relatives who have lost their loved ones in Irag. They did not die for a war worthy of fighting !

        Any reasonably intelligent people should at least agree by now that Bush rushed to war without execising prudent judgement first if he was not intentionally misleading the nation. Being able to exercise prudent judgements is the most basic job a president should do not to mention when it comes to war. The most annoying part about Bush is that he went from insisting, defending, back justifying, to outright rejecting. I would have accepted him as a decent person had he admitted that he rushed to war. However his strategy seems to be never admit anything and keep telling people the same thing repeatedly so that hopefully people will forget about it and accept it. Apparently Bush thinks he is beyond the law and he certainly acts like it.

      • You cant handle the TRUTH!!! You need to learn words like, honor, code, and obey!!!

        People like you, weaken a Nation.

        You boy Kerry couldnt fight his way out of a wet paper sack!!! He doesnt stand a chance in hell!!

    • Kerry is going to lose!!!! Its as good as done. They are putting on a good game face, but at the end of the day, Bush will be re-elected.

      Michael Moore is a fool that should have been dealt with in the same manner that the almighty President Clinton dealt with Vince Foster (murdered)!!! Bush and the Republican party are too good to stoop to the level of their communist foes!!!

      WAKE UP little man and smell the coffee and quit licking shit out of the democratic parties asshole!!

    • Much more merciful to pull the remaining plugs in the Lietanic and let it sink:

    • who cares

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