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  • t2bill t2bill Jul 14, 2005 4:56 PM Flag

    Slap In The Face

    James Wolcott

    "On the morning of September 13th, 2001, the officer in charge of the Coldstream Guards Band and 1st Battalion Scots Guards received a call from Buckingham Palace. Banish tradition. The music accompanying that day's tourist-swathed ceremomy at the changing would be different. That day, the band played The Star-Spangled Banner. The Brits were with us.

    "Four years later, still firmly at the side of the United States in general, and this administration specifically, the British felt the domestic blow of what most Americans and Britons agree is a common enemy - even if we disagree on the prosecution of the struggle against that enemy.

    "Our President, George W. Bush, was actually in the United Kingdom when terror struck London. He was in Scotland, a two-hour flight from Heathrow. Understandably, he and the other leaders completed the G8 summit, unbowed by the carnage in the London transit system.

    "And then our President came home.

    "And in doing so, he knowingly cast a gob of bitter spittle in the face of our constant ally, and disgraced the United States of America.

    "Why didn't President Bush visit London? Why didn't he walk the streets, take a few questions from the press, show the power of his office to Londoners? Stand at the side of Tony Blair and Ken Livingstone?"

    Because, to repeat myself, he just couldn't be bothered.

    But it is unfair to single out Bush. The Bush/Rush/Fox News/Ann Coulter/National Review mindless blare of American exceptionalism and entitlement has helped enlist millions of Americans into the ranks of selfish bastards. "We are all Britons" blogtalk is cheap, like wearing another one of those goddam colored wristbands to signal that you nominally support a cause (sympathy as kitsch). Yet again the American eagle has exposed its chicken feathers and rubber beak in the face of adversity. From across the ocean Simon Jenkins at The Huffington Post lobs a question our way.

    "Can anyone on your side help? Five days after we had four bombs explode on the London Tube and with everyone saying, stay calm and stay normal, US Air Force officials ordered personnel in Britain to avoid London, whether or not in uniform and including their families. The order has since been rescinded, but the damage is done.

    "London must be one of the safest cities on Earth. The only conceivable purchase the terrorists can get is by sowing fear, a fear which is statitistically irrational - Americans are more at risk on the roads round their bases than in the capital. Yet Washington handed Al-Qaeda a free publicity coup on a plate. It incidentally had every front page and every pub bar ranting about cowardly Americans, jeering at the US Marines 'We are not afraid' website, which adds 'We stand with our British brothers and sisters.'"

    We are quite willing to stand by our British brothers and sisters, as long as we can stand a good safe distance and still do our shopping.

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    • Conehead, I would not talk about credibility of the GOP if I had idiots like Howard Dean and UpChuck Schumer speaking for my party. 90% of the name calling and 10% of the intelligence has been on the left.

    • A lot of these conservative posters don't want the truth. They want to obscure the truth if it is not to their advantage. And anyone who dares to challenge them, will have his credibility attacked. The Republican party has become the slur party.

    • >>>>>
      but he will be back next week with some bogus crap heard on AM radio.

      AM radio makes you shit your pants more than
      Rove or Haliburton. Funny stuff.

      It's a bad sign. They are ruining our public schools with their anti-tax creed,

      I wish that was true but, the liberal thumbsuckers still running the schools with
      their anti-American blabber.

      They've got the NASCAR crowd convinced that Social Security (which they worked their whole lives to get) is a "welfare" program.

      SS is a classic ponzi scheme, Everything is great
      until the number of people paying in can't support
      the number of people sucking out.

      IAnd the term "evolution" is now a dirty word.

      I like the word evolution. A classic example of
      Darwin in action is the demise of the DNC.

      What chance do you think the USA has against other countries in the scientific fields when Kanas thinks religous doctrine should be taught in place of science?

      How does Darwin explain the existance of the universe?

    • ******T2Bill for providing some real facts *****

      Conehead, I would like for jobs at Delta to be as stable as Rove's.

    • the truth is bill went after obl and the republicandickhads went nuts

    • *******Nixon broke many laws******

      Desperate Democrats. I'm LMAO. Wait until tonight when Bush nominates the Supreme, Pukeface Kennedy will probably go sideways. Clinton was worse than Nixon. He turned down OBL for a BJ while Nixon was only trying to get it down Pat.

    • It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to know how upset you are.
      Guess what loser, you're going to be even more upset in the future.
      By the way, do you think the Prius would be a better choice for Iraq? I understand it takes a while to get those. The damn war could be over before the troops get one over there.

    • I excited about Thursday. I think Delta will show a RASM gain in the 3% range, their non-fuel CASM will drop a half cent to almost 7 cents. Would not be suprised at all to see a small positive operating cash flow.

    • Will DAL crash on Thursday?

    • Stuckturd. Now that you spoke the truth once again..Can you let us know where came up with the "It's a deadhorse" routine? Did Colmes or Teddy Kennedy tell you this?

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