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  • sassped sassped Sep 12, 2005 5:07 PM Flag

    DAL pilots still glad you voted Bush!

    GOP greedy oil party
    -Rocord oil company profits
    -Iraq war is and was a shame
    -Tax cuts for rich
    You may wear a white shirt, but you are still labor!!!

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    • *****I flew round trip between Atlanta and Miami two years ago, the Fuching 757 (with added seating) was full (100% load factor) and the company lost money on the flight*****

      First, this is B/S. You have a relative that can tell you certain flights lose money? And you verified it? How? Second, the salaries are still high and makes it impossible to compete profitable. Third, what is a 757 with added seating? Do they make 757s with no seating? Did you just fall off a turnip truck or just plain dumb.

    • eurotraveler85, you are a Fuch head and a stupid shit.

      I flew round trip between Atlanta and Miami two years ago, the Fuching 757 (with added seating) was full (100% load factor) and the company lost money on the flight. They were losing money on every flight between Atlanta and Miami. The same was true between many other cities, also. This was before the fuel hike and is non-disputable. I have a relative that works for Delta and he told me these things, which I verified, on this board.

    • You need to change you TV and Radio channels, I can tell you are led. LOL

    • Bush & Oil companies - they are hardly the cause for this development. Greed - most certainly a cause - but by labor unions that pushed the airline industry to the point of forced re-structuring. Face it - for these labor unions, it's over. For airline workers at JetBlue and Soutwest, it's a new beginning and a new opportunity. Bush could not have stopped this and should not have stopped this.

    • That's the most inane comment I have read in a long time.

      Bush has made oil profits go up?

      Was it he who closed off all drilling on the west coast, the east coast and the eastern Gulf coast?

      No drilling in the Great Lakes region
      No drilling in the Rockies
      No drilling in ANWR.

      No refineries built in 25 years.

      If this country doesnt wake up to reality soon, $3 gas will be a fond memory.

      • 3 Replies to brittonstein
      • If we had Gore as president..the Alternative Energy Source Champion we wouldnt have be in this mess.

        What positive thing has this administration done for the country. More terror attacks than ever under his adminitration so dont even say quel terrorism.

      • The problem is that oil out of the blue is now higher than has been in previous administrations. I ask why now is it higher under this time vs any other time. When Bush, King Fhad, and Putin are shaking hands together and enjoying the run up of oil profits, it seems conciendence that everybody else is getting screwed. The other part of the formula is China. Since China is becoming a major global player, the US or opec nations are forcing China to negotiate at the table with higher oil prices. China does not have a great source of oil. At some time in our life will see China take resources by military power to supply its people with suffiecient supply.

      • no fuel economy standards, no convservation. he lost saudi, he blew iraq, total fuck up.

        re anwr

        3 problems
        six months domestic supply
        oil goes to japan

        sounds good to me

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