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  • capt.bobo capt.bobo Aug 10, 2012 11:52 AM Flag

    Oh that Mars on the LCC boards so mean

    what he say to me..going straight? Are there Martians on MARS?

    Ok then how about a SwinginDix~~~




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    • Yes Bo , I had to leave the Earth because it is full of whack-os ...... not to mention , now all you gay people will need to worry about incurable gonorrhea ..... Man I bet that's going to be some nasty stuff .... Good Luck Ole Thang , you're going to need it ..... Now run along and quit playing on your iPhone , the plane is leaving and you are sitting on that baggage wagon with all those good people's bags ..... I bet you have a drawer full of watches at home , don't you .... Now stop talking about me , and go get you a good woman !!!!!!! There's hope for you yet ...... After 5 years of your gay garbage , I would throw a party if you ever finally became straight ..... Wow , a straight Captain Bo , wouldn't that be a Yahoo first ......


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