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  • laylow1991 laylow1991 Mar 9, 2013 5:57 PM Flag

    My wife just returned from ALB to IAH last night. It was a nightmare.

    Constant changes to her UAL reservations. To make a long story short she eventually flew DAL to ATL and on to IAH.
    The outcome from her experience was that UAL was very poor in service and information. LCC was her second choice but couldn't make connections. Service and employees were helpful.

    DAL on the other hand was outstanding per my wife.
    As per my own experience on DAL, it has always been my favorite airline during my travels domesticly and overseas until they lost there way a few years ago. I contribute that to our horrible resession.

    All the airlines suffered. CAL became my favorite after DAL lost their way. UAL was never my pick for travel. It seemed that all the employees had a chip on their shoulders when I was forced to fly them.

    My wife is a senior citizen and she confirmed my feelings toward UAL. Maybe CAL can help them but I doubt it.
    Thanks DAL for being the airline I always trusted and bringing my wife home.

    I hope that LCC can get AMR back on the path to good service as well. AMR was just as bad as UAL.

    P.S. I'm invested in all the airlines mentioned. Most in DAL.

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    • I am a former CAL FA. Now that we are UAL the quality of the operation has hit new lows. Seems like the upper management is either blind to it all, or they are acting as if they are blind to it all. UAL has proven itself to be a cheap operation that will go bankrupt if things do not change ASAP. There have been fights between UAL/CAL crews which have taken police involvement. Everyday I talk with former CAL passengers who are leaving for the DAL operation.

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      • I'm sorry for what you are exposed to with the UAL merger. UALhas lost what we want and that is good service. This poor service has been going on for two decades with UAL.
        Don't get me wrong they have a lot of reasons for their attitudes against UAL. As most airline employees have. I don't blame them.
        BUT don't share your displeasure by talking it out with your passengers. It makes them uncomfortable and reluctant to fly the airline again if possible.
        CAL employees, I wish you the best during this integration between CAL and UAL.

        I also wish the best with the USAIR and AMR merger. It will be a very uncomfortable.
        AMR has always had a stick up their behind thinking they are nothing but the best.
        They are over leveraged with military pilots who have been spoiled for years.
        USAIR has many employees who were never treated as god like AMR.
        They work very hard (USAIR) to make their airline the best in the industry while AMR could give a damn.
        My honest opinion is that USAIR has a terrible up hill battle with AMR's merger.

        If I could make one recomendation to USAIR and CAL I would fire anyone who doesn't want to makie these mergers as smooth as possible.

        I know with my own experience in mergers with major operations, that you need to act quickly to take out the bad apples that have one thing in mind. And that is to destroy what the companies are trying to do.

        GET RID OF THEM. Pilots, flight attendants, baggage handlers, service personel, and managers.
        If they don't have the best interest in the future for the merger then can them all.
        Everyones life will be a lot better.

    • #$%$ whipe. Take Jet Blue home and see if you make it out alive. Fat #$%$ Flight attendants and #$%$ poor service. No luggage when you arrive 3 hours late. I hate Jet Blue and will only fly Delta, the leader in Aviation.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • cohnstein_the_cyber_terrorist cohnstein_the_cyber_terrorist Mar 11, 2013 8:51 AM Flag

      UAL is the worst. I've had UAL cabin crew #$%$ about everything, including the company as they handed out meals. Incredible attitudes. They dont care and it shows.

      I think DAL has slipped recently, but still way better than UAL.!
      Glad her experience with DAL was good.

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      Momma Bo

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