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  • Jean_Vincenz Jean_Vincenz May 21, 1999 3:07 PM Flag

    Piece of the pie

    Why are major league baseball players, managers,
    waterboys, management types paid a markedly higher wage than
    their minor league counterparts? Media contracts,
    sponsor endorsements, sales of other staples(uniforms,
    hats, shoes, etc.) worth hundreds of millions of
    dollars. Minor leagues have perhaps a few 100,000 dollars
    in revenue(most of that comes from a majors
    sponsorship), major leagues get 100's of millions, a larger
    revenue pie. Are the major leaguers that much better than
    their minor counteparts in their profession for what
    they get in pay and compensation? Arguably not or
    maybe so depending who you talk to.
    Why are the
    employees here at Delta paid what they are paid compared to
    smaller airlines(regionals, charters, etc.)? A
    multi-billion dollar company vice million dollar companies or
    less. A larger revenue pie.
    Delta, depending on
    which quarter you look at, is turning a 10-12.5 percent
    profit margin, American and United are turning 6-7
    percent profit margins(Please correct these numbers if
    they are wrong but I believe these are good ballpark
    figures). Delta is aprox. 50-100 percent more profitable
    than its competitors, with a low debt load of 30/70
    debt to equity. If Delta lowered its profit margin to
    6-7 percent it would still be competitive. Lowering
    the profit margin could be done by giving all Delta
    employees a 25-50 percent raise(Non-contract and Union and
    yes management can still get their 100 % + bonuses)
    and Delta would still be able to grow and remain
    competitive. Pilots have figured this out(After 7.5 many
    non-contract people have also). If you non-contract types get
    on board with the pilots, we(All Delta Employees)
    may be able to make this happen. If you feel that you
    are fairly compensated considering the profitability
    of Delta, then continue with the "misery loves
    company" pilot bashing campaign. With or witho

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