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  • DAL88Capt DAL88Capt Aug 24, 1999 11:30 PM Flag


    Again you attack the messenger, but never answer the question...Amazing how a little Cuervo Gold lights a fire..

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    • "Or would you rather fly on an aircraft where
      they make minimum wage..."

      Delta pays their
      employees the best in the industry...If they're not happy
      with that they need to start looking...then they would
      see how difficult it is to find a new job starting at
      where they are now...You're blessed.

      It's always
      nice to have more, but for now, you're truly blessed.
      Just imagine .. without it.

    • Your book's boring. Mine are better. Go fetch some coffee and wake up. Got more great stuff for your pea brain. Show some respect will ya? How's your furball digesting?

    • Tell me this, would you rather fly on a aircraft that the pilot and maintance personnel are happy with their pay and benifits. Or would you rather fly on an aircraft where they make minimum wage.

    • are you talking about? An L1011 is the easiest to
      change since it is a pedestal type seat with only four
      bolts holding it down and one electrical connector,if
      everything runs perfect 20 mins.For me an MD88 is the worst,
      no space to work for a man my size, again, if
      everything goes perfect 35 mins. This would be actual time
      to change the seat from the time you start to
      finish. But there are a lot of other variables to throw
      in, won't go into them unless you want me to, such
      as, is there a seat available.

    • My guess is it took longer than you thought it
      should or you wouldn't be asking. Sometimes what should
      be a simple few minutes turns really ugly for one
      reason or another. Not knowing all the details I think
      I'll leave it at that...

    • on what you want to replace it with...

    • Thank you not only for your post, but for being
      one team player that can express his feelings and
      opinions in a fair way. Doesn't make any difference
      whether me or anyone else agrees or disagrees, it's the
      "fact" that you can express things in a decent way. I
      know there will be some child on the board shortly
      that will have a "cute" comment because I thanked you,
      but I can only consider the source. Thanks again and
      I too am glad that you are a Delta employee and
      this is, of course, just my opinion...clyde

    • I disagree with your post on clyde and feel he
      has given quite a few facts about Delta on this
      board. He is also one of the few that post here that
      offers his opinion on both sides of an issue. What
      bothers me most is the posters that call him all kinds of
      names because they don't agree with him. If you don't
      agree with him thats fine, i on the other hand am glad
      he is a Delta employee.................just my

    • I'm sure glad I only have to fly my plane..That stuff is too tough for me...

    • from your HR book.

      I thought you might
      enjoy this quote from one of my

      "Mathematically, the selection of two points on an operating
      characteristic curve uniquely defines a single sampling plan
      through those points. In practice, this means that the
      appropriate balancing of consumer and producer interests, as
      exemplified by the choice of a Producer's Risk point (p1,
      1-a) and a Consumer's Risk point (p2, B) leads to a
      unique single sampling plan. For simplicity, this fact
      is demonstrated using the Poisson

      Not bad, Huh?

      Quotin' from books is fun!!

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