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  • DAL88Capt DAL88Capt Aug 29, 1999 5:29 PM Flag


    P.S...I may not be 6'5"..260lbs..But it's amazing how easily I can lift 150,000lbs into the air..

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    • Good question...It's hard to say where we'd
      be...The only thing I think about is where we'd be without
      the PAN AM thing as bad as it hurt us...I'm not PAN
      AM, I'm Delta but I can't help believe that without
      it we would probably be down with the smaller
      airlines instead of the "Big 3"....But it as you say is a
      hard call..especially with the economy playing such a
      big roll...good questions though...Wish I knew.

    • You are completly correct about the economy not
      being Ron's fault.However,there was plenty of evidence
      as to where it was headed.We would have been fine
      without the Pan Am purchase.Pan Am was dying because they
      no longer had the feed they used to get from other
      carriers,due in part to aviation treaties,route awards,etc.Pan
      Am was selling the jewels from the crown to
      survive,and Ron bought the crown!Most of the routes we got
      are being codeshared today.Would you have taken on
      Lufthansa in their own backyard,without the benefit of a
      commuter partner? I have a question for you? Where do you
      think Delta would be today,if Delta competed with
      American in Atlanta,instead of Eastern? Suppose Eastern
      was competing in Chicago with United,then went
      belly-up.That would have left United alone at ORD,and Delta
      with American in ATL.How do you think this deal would
      have turned out?

    • <EOM>

    • I will light that candle in 11 months and 6 days.
      Once I get west of 285, there will be no looking back.
      BTW watts, we will have a really big party at the
      Renaissance sometime next summer. Come on by, we'll dance on
      the bar, maybe even shoot out the lights or

    • Good to hear from you.....have you seen that
      E-trade stock-broker commercial on CNBC where the
      computer geek Stuart says to his boss, "Let's light this
      rocket!" ...and off they go to place an eight dollar
      trade, K-Mart I believe, then invites him to his party?
      "Rock on!" Sooooo........rock on Loopie! Its countdown
      to your Sm.Lake abode, fishing, silver bullets, and
      the good life...Oh and don't forget to put your
      2cents worth in the department suggestion box on the way

    • Que Pasa. Las vacasion estubo muy bien. Pescamos
      y tomamos cerveza fria. esta bien.? Lots been
      happnin while I've been gone. Jenny in out of here, some
      of our lost benifits have been returned, things are
      lookin up.

      Now if we could get back to some
      sanity back on this board, we could hammer out a good
      contract, our DAL stock will take off, and we shall live
      happy ever after..have a good one Watts..

    • SimAntic1- Would you drop me a line at I have some information you might find interesting. Regards Pondwa2

    • I agree!!

    • In the contract negotiations for the new
      contract(777 and -400 are separate) the company gains by
      stalling..We continue to operate under the old pay scales and
      workrules until we have a new contract..Since we WILL see
      an increase in pay(amount to be determined) and
      improvements in workrules, the company saves by dragging out
      the negotiations..In the case of the 777 and -400, it
      is clearly a problem for management if a settlement
      isn't reached because the new a/c are parked..There is
      a difference between the negotiations which you
      failed to look at before you began your attack on me..Of
      course, you always attack pilot positions without looking
      at facts..

    • out there or have we all left for work.

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