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  • Bagobum97 Bagobum97 Oct 18, 1999 9:01 PM Flag

    If Delta--

    give the Comair folks pass privledges on Delta
    like they did ASA, the lowly seniority and retirees
    better forget about what the company promised them (pass
    benefits)...Maybe the ALPA can straighten this out in the C2K
    negotiations---I'm looking for the fight..and you non-union folks
    don't have a chance--(this from experience--not union
    organizing)....unless the ALPA wins out..


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    • All of us here at Delta are glad that Allen is
      gone. No one here has any hard feelings about him being
      When you hear employees talk about 7.5 most use the
      term in the sense that "Employees are
      That was the way that we felt during that turbulent
      And it is still in place today.
      Delta is still
      contracting out shops and departments. The TOC is slowly
      losing a/c parts to outside vendors.
      We have less
      mechanics per airplane right now than ever. More and more
      of our jobs go to temps.
      All the while Delta has
      a very healthy profit margin, and is making
      billions every year. Oh yeah, and our management is
      getting very heafty salaries. Not to mention the bonus.
      All this while Delta keeps cutting away at the
      workforce to increase the bottom line.

      And Mgmt as
      well as outsiders wonder why there is a threat of a
      union at Delta. Well, it is staring them right in the

    • "Granted, removing a sandwich from the Sky Deli
      bag is not a new coke, but lets hope it has ame

      Uh, maybe you haven't checked, but the decision has
      been made to REINSTATE the sandwich. Of course, when
      it went away it was called a value
      "improvement"'s return was trumpeted as as the same. I guess the
      new bag is TWICE as nice!

      As far as your LUV
      comparison, thanks for VALIDATING my message. LUV is the
      first to admit it's employees are the #1 asset to the
      company...the single biggest ingredient that makes SWA cook.
      Herb made just over 500K last year. Leo's total take
      was at 19 million. Herb is obviously committed to his
      company. Let's hope our new Chairman is as

      The street respects LUV because they get results and
      have a great business model. Our financial stats are
      the envy of any hub and spoke carrier. You tell me
      why our valuation trails...I'm too busy wiping away
      the tears (not).


    • 7.5 was a foolish reaction and that is why the
      former CEO is gone. As a shreholder, I would have
      prefered that they had just fired him and sent him away.
      However, the reality of the situation with as is with all
      CEOs is that the company has to buy them off. Yes,
      what Ron Allen got may seem excessive, but it is a
      small price to pay in the grand scheme. Have you spent
      any tine investagting what other ousted CEOs have
      received? Take a look and you will see that Ron Allen did
      not get such a great deal.
      As for your wonderful
      examples of bad ideas...can you say New Coke? Hasn't Coke
      added several hundered billion in market cap since that
      disater. Granted removing a sandwich from the Sky Deli bag
      is not a new coke but lets hope is has the same
      Maybe someday if DAL management gets same
      respect as LUV's does from the street, DAL can also trade
      at a PE of 18.

    • Your statement is so foul that I can smell it
      emanating from my i-mac.

      You state that "all real
      companies go through internal reviews of what they should
      and should not be doing". 7.5 was a foolish reaction
      to an even MORE foolish idea: paying 3X the book
      value for Pan Am (a move approved by our Board of
      Directors, BTW) amidst the laughter of the other CEO's. The
      internal review should have been the dismissal of Ron
      Allen then and there...not firing the innocent
      employees upon who's backs the company had been

      Lets look at some more "internal reviews" of

      I quote Mr Allen's severance package from the
      Annual Report (how appropriate on this the day of the
      Shareholders Meeting in BOS!):

      -lump sum severance of
      over $4.5 M
      -$85,515 in lieu of medical/dental
      -annual retirement of 765K/YEAR
      -25K/year as an
      "Advisory Director"
      -500K/year for SEVEN years to
      Consult the company? It gets better. Language to this
      effect sates that he "shall NOT be called upon to devote
      a major portion of his business time to the
      performance of services as consultant to the corporation and
      will do so only with least amount of inconvenience to
      -Office space ($408,776), secretarial
      support, country club membership (fix that slice, Ron),
      and dues to the Commerce Club of Atlanta....ALL FOR

      Lets see
      here...I fly one jet at any given time. If I am causal to
      an incident I (deservedly so) most likely lose my
      job. Our fearless leader almost flew the WHOLE COMPANY
      smack-dab into Stone Mountain and he gets rich in the
      process. Nice Internal Review, eh?

      You say "well
      that was then, what about now?"
      - $2 if you don't
      book on the internet....OOPS! Bad idea
      - Pull the
      sandwich from the Sky Deli...OOPS! Bad idea
      - And the
      icing on the cake. Warren Jenson leaves Delta after 16
      long months. The value of his salary and severance
      package comes to just over 320K per MONTH!!

      point of this diatribe is that YES, our company has an
      obligation to the shareholder. Making smart business
      decisions confirms the obligation. Commitment to this
      company and it's employees by it's management confirms
      this obligation. 7.5 only took place on the playing
      field where the workers had to fight it out for
      pennies. Now Ron watches from on high (no 13 fairway, no
      doubt) and laughs with glee! Now Warren ".coms" with
      Amazon enjoying the fruits of his pre-packed golden

      Fact: Delta employees produce more $/person than any
      other airline.

      Fact: Our profit margin (12.8%)
      is higher by far any other

      "management needs to do something"

      Yes they do...I
      believe the old saying "physician, heal thyself" fits the


    • we don`t care!

    • What makes you think DAL is or should be any
      different than every other company. All real companies go
      through internal reviews of what they should and should
      not be doing. As a shareholder, I am thrilled that
      DAL is finally doing this. Yes it is tragic that
      someone may lose their job but DAL does not have an
      obligation to employ anyone the obligation is to the
      shareholders (me and you). And since the PE is a miserable
      6.5X earnings management needs to do something.

    • and if you know anything about that AMR flow
      through, then you know it is a non-starter. Ask any Eagle
      guy. And our MEC has said that there have already been
      informal discussions. We are trying to gage just what our
      pilots would like to see. And trying to manage
      expectations at the same time.

    • In October 1998, the leadership of the Delta MEC
      met with the ASA MEC, the Comair MEC, and the
      Business Express MEC at the ALPA National Board of
      Directors meeting in Miami. Each of the Delta Connection
      Carrier MEC's were asked by a member of the Delta MEC, if
      they wanted the Delta MEC to pursue any type of
      "flow-through" or preferential hiring for their pilots, similar
      to what was negotiated at AMR. The Delta MEC was
      told "NO" by the Comair MEC, and received a very cool
      response by the ASA MEC. Only the BusEx MEC said
      "Absolutely YES".
      Since the purchase of ASA by Delta
      management, the ASA MEC has NOT requested any formal or
      informal discussions of possible seniority integration
      onto the DAL seniority list, or a preferrential
      hiring, etc. The Delta MEC cannot read the minds of the
      ASA pilots. Only if they, through their union
      leadership, ask for a dialogue to begin, can we consider
      their desires. The Comair pilots, through their
      leadership, have told us they have NO desire for any type of
      discussions. That might have changed as a result of the Comair
      purchase, but until they change their minds, that is their
      most "current" position.
      The Delta pilots value
      the experience and professionalism of ALL our fellow
      pilots. For you to cast innuendo and aspersions is
      absolutely counter-productive. Get the facts first.
      Delta MEC will be hosting the ASA MEC in November at
      the Delta MEC's regularly scheduled MEC meeting in
      Ft. Worth. I imagine this will begin the dialogue
      whereby the wishes of the ASA pilots will be conveyed by
      their union leadership. Any possible "merged seniority
      list" discussions would use the ALPA merger policy as
      the framework for those discussions.
      I do agree
      with one thing you said: "A professional pilot will
      always be a professional pilot." I personally welcome
      all professionals at Delta!

    • I hate to break it to you, but that is just a
      part of how this airline works. Nobody gets anywhere
      in this place without connections, politely referred
      to as mentors. I have worked for the big "D" for
      almost ten years know, and it has always been that
      Maybe one day somebody will put a case together and sue
      their ass!

    • Hmmmm sounds like we are changing the Company
      stock we are looking into... But I agree... Rodeo is
      much better if it is made anywhere like my Trooper...
      I got a 1990... and I have over 208,000 miles on
      it... still running ... kinda ticked though... this
      weekend I had to finally put in a $60.00 starter...

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