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  • t_billman t_billman Dec 30, 1999 10:58 AM Flag


    All of you should a ashamed. You are
    representing, what I thought was, a great company to be an
    owner in. But I read these posts and hear inside
    information. This is a PUBLIC board. All these posts should
    deal with the stock price and where it has been and
    will be going. Now if you are looking for emotional
    problems you need not look far.

    Many of your
    fellow Delta employees are all becoming considered
    freaks by the investment community. If you ask the real
    investors here, you drive away investors from your company.
    This is not the place for your internal piss and moan

    Get an internal message board.

    Don't you know the Securities and Exchange Commission
    monitors these boards for insiders giving out sensitive
    information. Soon someone may come out and bite you freaks for
    using this board for your gripe session. Yahoo knows
    who you are.

    Your posts have little to do with
    the real reason of being a major corporation....that
    is making money! As for the management at Delta
    Airlines, you need to address the people around you. Then
    be ready to listen to the emotionally disturbed
    responses. If you are looking for a hypocrite just go find
    the nearest mirror and smile at the freak. I bet the
    he will smile right back at you!

    without a union, you are dramatically affecting your
    company's perception by the owners of Delta, the stock
    holders. As for the real investors on wall street, I need
    to reconsider if my money for stock and tickets
    purchases are going to Delta.


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    • What I meant was, for the responsibilty you guys
      have I think you might need liability insurance.
      can not really relate to union stuff. I do understand
      about some of it. But no way don't think it will keep
      jobs. One of my employees just had her husband at his
      age of 57 unemployed. Union wages were were good for
      him. But every contract must get more for workers, at
      a point a Corp. must answer to stockholders.
      Outsourcing is a result, over summer I tried to explain that
      to Soup.
      I don't work for DAL, I just own DAL

      Go DAL, and AAIR !!!

    • I agree it is difficult to get information about
      the company at this site. Still trying to find more
      information about the DFW base and its prospects. It is a
      good site if you only like company gossip.

    • you are absolutely right. We are and should be accountable for the work we do on our aircraft.

    • well, the FAA has started that new initiative for
      reporting unsafe items to them. Maybe somebody who notes an
      unsafe condition or error caused by a DGS employee
      should report it? After all, we all should be
      accountable for the work we do, right?

    • part. When times are tough they can always RAID
      the pension plan. Hell, we already have a 401k that
      the big D matches with a HUGE 2% of you know what. He
      He He
      What they Don't have won't hurt them
      Plus it's fun to see the look on their faces when you
      tell them!!
      I wonder if we can get my buddy Al
      Dunlap to tell them for us. That should be a hoot!

    • investment. Invest in any company that can treat their employee as they like. Labor is a huge expense, so if times get tuff, they can always reclaim pay, benefits, ect...

    • I was pleasantly surprised to see that someone
      (you) at this site is actually interested in discussing
      DAL as an investment. Thanks for your response.

      A question. I have some DAL $52.50 calls that
      expire on Friday. In lieu of the United Airline earings
      warning last week, do you think that DAL will surprise
      the investment community in a postive way with its
      investment announcement?


    • 1300hrs est and 1000 hrs pst.

    • Make that 1000 hrs est or 1300 hrs pst. Its under earnings call.

    • Consense est. @ $1.05 a share, which the company
      has already said it will beat. Look for approx $320
      million write off due to early retirement sale of Md-11s
      and Md-90s. Gains from and sale of
      swissair and singapore air stock. Look in yahoo fiance dal
      company profile and listen to results at approx 1100 hrs
      tuesday,jan 18 2000. No mention of Dgs profit/loss

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