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  • deltaairmechanic deltaairmechanic Jul 12, 2001 8:47 PM Flag

    My first problem with AMFA

    I have stated before that I signed my first union card in my life a few weeks ago. For AMFA. I have heard from fellow techs in the shops that some of the organizers are handing out employee lists with who has signed cards and who hasn't! This is an outrage!! These list are suppose to be protected by federal law! This goes against everything AMFA is suppose to stand for. Intimidation tatics and confronting employe groups on why they haven't signed cards is not their job. It's everyones own personal opinion and choice to sign up for a union. If this is the way they plan on organizing this effort I will never renew my card or vote for AMFA. I plan on asking my local organizer (ATL250) if this is factual information.

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    • writerpoet,

      Here's another suggestion. Take advantage of your e-enabling, "wired workforce" home computer. You are one of 80,000 highly mobile, global, highly educated, valued employees. DAL has gone a long way toward treating you much as it would a customer by subsidizing a home computer for every qualified employee, with Internet access to help you keep in touch. Worker productivity can easily increase when such capabilities are at your fingertips. What you can do is make your ideas, impressions, and feelings known to the company in the many forums available for feeback/discussion versus contending with so-called mgt lip service or apathy. Just a suggestion....

    • auntie,

      If corporate people do not want to hear what you think, we're in big trouble. If lip service is the best certain managers can do, then we're in big trouble. All the more reason to have the ability to provide feeback on one's immediate bosses and work climate--keeps mgrs on their toes, in tune to needs of workplace versus out-of-sight, out-of-mind, leave-me-the-heck-alone thinking.

      A pilot was saying recently (perhaps a little selfishly) that Leo and gang have done everything just about right except get the AMT's onboard because the employee group was having a hard time keeping planes fixed and painted. He said now the company, comprised of bean counters at the top, will blame pilots for skimming the gravy off the top so non-contract workers (most employees) get little to nothing but perhaps a bone. On one hand he said all was well with pilots, they got theirs (and would give nothing back), but on the other hand DAL bean counter execs lacked the passions of Gordon Bethune-types (mechanic, pilot, executive), so it didn't surprise him to hear of worsening morale accompanying freezes and hours cutbacks.
      Your last sentences seem to imply an exploratory desire to see what collective bargaining is all about. Can't really blame you for wanting to explore. Maybe mgt will get seriously away from playing the lip service game and start listening to their radiant employees. After all it only takes one lousy mgr to suck the radiance out of any of us. Throw in two or more lousy mgrs and it's 8-to-escape assured.

    • writerpoet,

      Wonder if that negative spin dumped on American Consulting was justified, or are they positively providing employees a viable alternative to save themselves from choosing an inferior organizational set-up? Think about it. The positive angle to the argument makes more sense, for if the true mission were [negative] to create fear, havoc, divide and conquer, only short-termism is gained; people remember and have long memories. What's best for the long haul, how to make DAL a more positive place to work, how to increase yields, contain costs, grow revenues, evaluate people might be some of the benefits gained from having their (AC) esteemed services. If American Consulting loses, DAL loses, the employees lose, the customers lose. Whether outsourcing or consulting, they have to account to a higher authority for collective efforts, dollars and results, just like FR, LM, VE, RV, MB.
      Let's hope the same page of music keeps the band playing a good song, not a dud.

    • Someone told me some time ago, that American Consultants was highered to derail AMT unionization some time ago. This person said that the fees for this service was in the millions. I know how rumors get started, but it seems to me, that the same sum divided amongst the AMT group would have been more productive. I would hate to be near the end of my career, expecting $2,800 per month, see it reduced to $2,300 due to SS offset, then to about $1,600 after paying for insurance. I would hate to do all of this, with the picture you describe taking place. When I was in College, the students evaluated their Professors, and their livelyhood depended on the results! Delta would only benefit...IMHO Have a good night!

    • Do you honestly believe that the corporate people want to hear what you think?
      There exists a lip service only policy with respect to front line opinion.
      Some on the frontline are deluded enough or perhaps egotistical enough to think that they actually matter in the corporate scheme.
      We are radiant beings inspite of all the corporate baloney. We can be proud that in spite of them, we conduct ourselves well. We could be a force to be reckoned with, if we choose it.
      Or we can be at the mercy of the forces that reckon with us, if we choose it.

    • writerpoet,

      Morale might also be affected by the freezes and downgrade of certain full timers to part timers, from 40 hours to 32 hours. It's like there are two companies, one DAL, one DALPA. Reminds me of how some shifts in a department are run, where senior people often divide not just their own shift with antagonisms but divide shift against shift by getting the juicy slots leaving junior people short-changed or under-manned and grin all the way to the bank, wracking up overtime and the choicest of duties. Managers, if they are not part and parcel to shenanigans or unfairness, look away. Likewise, DALPA (pilot union) they are the most "senior" status, most educated, most paid, most coveted, most favored, most coddled, most arrogant, most vilafied, most divisive group due to benefits and perks, you get the picture. Chief pilot [managers] can only do so much to alay distateful prejudices from the workforce. So you end up with shifts two worlds apart, pilots a world apart (let's no even talk about lack of outsource monitoring), so that no wonder 'family' is gone, frontline troops suffer from gloomy morale. Since pilots are in a world of their own, you hit on something the rest of the workforce has the potential to affect: Their bosses' ratings on how well they run their area departments. Employees ought to be able to logon, write in, phone in some sort of feedback on managerial effectiveness on a consistent basis, registering how they perceive any number of things good or bad. Don't know about you, but DAL customer product is only as good as its employee product. Allowing your frontline workers to voice their opinions on workplace environment using latest in technology advancements would go along way in protecting the best parts of the culture and exposing the worst elements; that would go a ways to eliminate the two world mentality, the twighlight zone, many find themselves within. Unifying DALPA into the fabric of DAL might be a slow, methodical process, taking years, but unifying the other many departments into one company ought to be high on the priority action list, through an HR evaluation process. It may not be perfect but it might beat nothing and help stem the 8-to-escape, 8-to-gate thinking.

    • The frontline troops seem to be ok, although morale is poor. I agree about weeding out poor managers,...but how? Perhaps some kind of evaluation could be given to subordinates? The camps you refer to are a waste of time. I think if the product was improved, to the point that the frontline was proud again, things would change for the better.

    • Well if you and the rest of the hanger boys would sign a AMFA card alot of things would change.. With the new pay and work rules Delta won't be able to afford to have three analysts per AMT. And we sure as hell wouldn't be cleaning floors anymore. Sign a card or sit down and shut up..

    • That, plus a fresh emphasis on team building at the frontline, plus weeding out the offensive type managers.

      (But not the kind of team building where you climb trees and ropes at camps for men/women.)

    • iamhere,

      Maybe you are in the wrong department. You should be over here in this other department.
      Those were pretty good ideas. Nice job.
      Have to give them some study time.

      Imagine the employee ideas just waiting to get unleashed. You'd have to create a new department to explore them all for the duds and doozies. Like the simplification and empowering tone to your ideas. Think we'll share some of your "ideas" internally, and kick them around in earnest.

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