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  • luckynumber9923 luckynumber9923 Oct 25, 2012 4:27 PM Flag

    LT, and long term investing

    LT, be honest. You are a wishful conjuror, not a long term investor. You think FB buying SYMC would be a good strategic fit. You think that HP and IBM are bellweathers for SYMC performance. You don't know the first thing about how to read an income statement or balance sheet, yet you pontificate about occult finances. You say that you are long term, yet you obsess over a bad quarter and you make short term price calls. You portray yourself as having important sources of inside information about the company.

    It's O.K. to be a wishful conjuror. We are all entitled to our hopes and dreams. And you keep abreast of SYMC news and events and share some of that here, and i'm sure we all appreciate factual information. But don't you think that the charade of trying to make readers believe that you are a serious, long term investor who has important insights to share on SYMC fundamentals has now run its course?

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    • Resorting to personal attacks or distortions of reality, clearly you must a Democrat. What you just wrote is so pathetically off the mark and mis-representative of anything I've said in the past that I should not even dignify it with a response. I doubt you understand the first thing about business or investing and clearly do not understand why there is relevance to the companies you've mentioned. Clearly the alleged ability to read a balance sheet isn't helping you be any less of a fool.

      If you knew anything about investing, or understood anything substantive about Symantec's business (and all the outside influences involved) you would take one look at the earnings report, transcript, press wire and today's chart and know full well exactly what game has been played, it's a classic.

      By all means feel free to add to more to your portfolio at this price level. In the mean time I will write more calls and potentially consider nibbling at more long positions once it heads back into the 17's.


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