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  • long_term_tech_investor long_term_tech_investor Nov 8, 2012 1:43 PM Flag

    Symantec Shares Face More Decline Ahead

    I tried to warn in advance about what has now happened to the shares, so hopefully it helped some long investors. Unfortunately, the market and shares are going to head even lower yet. It would not surprise me to see the shares bleed down to 17 but we'll have to wait and see what happens. I'll warn again, there is nothing about this company that has changed from when it was in the mid and low teens back just a few months ago, if anything more disruption, and worse yet there is very real and very serious issues in the macro economy, especially in Europe which is worsening and where Symantec has about 30% of it's exposure. And the recent earnings report was contrarian to the vast majority of other large cap techs. So this is a very dangerous and risky situation for shareholders, even in spite of a lot of the hype and hope some investors have for the new company strategy. The whole situation could unwind if just one wrong/bad thing transpires, so remain cautious and protected until more clarity comes into the picture.

    In the interim IGNORE ANY MEDIA OR ANALYST HYPING. There will continue to be some isolated media noise and some isolated analyst nose as we've witnessed the last few months, from the same desperate handful of organizations who clearly have some kind of vested financial interest. Today again they were at it, entirely predictable. Don't fall for the game, if you are long (or contemplating going long) be sure to do your homework and go into the situation with our eyes wide open and #$%$ the actual risk vs. reward balance for yourself.


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    • Well there is something different about the company from when it was trading at $13. The management is changing. That's what all the analysts are looking at. Of course at some point the new management has to show actual change from the previous management. They now have 3 more months to make changes before having to report earnings again.

      The stock has been trading with the broader market and rallied on Monday and Tuesday probably because they were all watching Fox News Channel which was predicting a Romney landslide. Wednesday and Thursday was a bucket of cold water when Obama won.

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