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  • only_observing only_observing Oct 15, 1998 8:44 PM Flag

    Earnings 2

    NETA paid 135 million for CYBR's 35 million worth
    of 12 month trailing earnings
    SYMC is paying 65
    million for QDEK's 57 million worth of 12 month earnings
    (last 12 months ending in June 98).

    SYMC is
    paying $1.14 per revenue dollar
    NETA paid $3.86 per
    revenue dollar

    SYMC is paying 29.5% of what NETA
    paid per revenue dollar.

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    • you must also compare R&D products in pipeline,
      talent, future potential of current products,
      margins on profits, balance sheets,
      employees, etc.
      Comparing revenue to revenue doesn't do
      it. Sorry.

      Anyone know why QDEK was selling
      for under a dollar?
      Still, I trust SYMC management
      knows what they are doing.
      Sure would like to see
      that $11 in the morning!

    • Looks like SYMC got QDEK for a song. Think this
      stock still looks very cheap. They're making money,
      have several years of brand name behind them, and I've
      used many of their products which have been
      outstanding (Utilities, Visual Cafe, PC Anywhere). Don't know
      where the stock is going shortterm, but certainly
      higher than these levels over the next year.

    • While I do agree that NETA paid too much for
      CYBR, there are other issues here besides last years

      For one thing, CYBR was growing like
      crazy for a year or two and then this winter, they
      screwed something up really bad and had to pull their
      best selling product off the shelves. This severely
      hurt their income and reputation leading to the sharp
      price decline. Without this anomally, the revenues for
      CYBR certainly could have been much higher - they do
      have several decent products and should sell fairly
      well under the NETA company name.

      Also the
      nature of the products is a little different and I think
      that CYBR's products were a little more unique and
      therefore deserved a bit of a premium. I mean uninstaller
      software has been around a while and while it is
      important, it isn't ground-breaking. CYBR has a couple
      products - Guard Dog and Oil Change that I think do have
      more potential, especially when combined with NETA's
      other security and management utility

      I think both purchases were made to fullfill a need
      in the purchasing companies product lines and there
      are other things at stake here besides straight
      revenue. While it would be very hard to get accurate
      numbers NEXT year on these products, I would be very
      suprised if the CYBR products still had that low of

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