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  • x6unsound x6unsound Jan 13, 2012 10:01 PM Flag

    Additive Manufacturing - Threat to UFPT?

    Who's to say UFP won't be utilizing this new technology to manufacture their products when it eventually does become widespread? Unlike eBooks, it isn't the product itself that might be rendered obsolete, just the current method of producing it.

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    • That's true, but I'm not sure UFPT could maintain a competitive advantage and thus their margins if this technology does eventually become widespread in manufacturing.

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      • The company's competitive advantage is its engineering expertise, and that's a relevant edge even with additive manufacturing. Someone's still gotta design the product blueprints that get fed into the computer, after all.

        Way I see it, the real threat is to the company's component products segment - after all, if you use additive manufacturing to build the whole widget from the inside out, there's no need to contract out to a company like UFP to make components for you. But that's not going to be a problem until the new technology becomes cost efficient enough to become the dominant form of manufacturing, and that's probably at least a decade or two away. By which point UFP could be looking like an entirely different company. This company is nothing if not adaptable.

        In short, it's something worth paying attention to, but not a reason to sell or refrain from buying the stock, especially at these prices we're seeing right now. Just some thoughts. :)

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