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  • d_grosso2 d_grosso2 Dec 23, 2011 5:46 PM Flag


    Don't believe anything a short seller posts on message boards,it's all misinformation,they are trying to shake people out of the stock to help bring the stock price down.Anyone who sells their stock based on what a short seller posts on message boards is a fool.

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    • If you really believe what you wrote, then you are in denial and at risk of deluding yourself. I am not a short seller in this yet. Like everyone, I don't have a crystal ball and don't know for certain what will happen. Having said that, its not particularly difficult to predict that the executives and venture capitalists that are holding the vast majority of the outstanding shares will at some point start dumping them. When they do, the stock will decline, and will ultimately trade for a fraction of its current price. Anyway, that's just my opinion, and I could be wrong.

      The insiders who can sell the most the soonest will reap the biggest rewards. Again, just my opinion. I can find nothing about this company or its financials to make sense out of its valuation. The stock was hyped and and the float kept literally to a record low, and that's what caused it to pop.

      If you really believe the above is misinformation, then consider holding your position and buying more. Smarter people than me thought that the earth was flat but were wrong. If they were around today, maybe they would be right there with you in this, and in the end, you and they might have the last laugh as you push us idiot shorts off the edge of the earth. But, I don't think so. Good luck.

    • Almost ZERO barriers to entry, Deal Chicken (GCI) going strong, wait till Valpak starts

    • A company that doesn't make a profit doesn't need short sellers to bring down the stock price.

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