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  • omnesion omnesion Dec 8, 2012 4:31 PM Flag

    Here's what you guys really need to ask yourself ...

    When Monday arrives and there's no announcement of a deal or any other big news, what are you going to do? If you bought into the rally, are you going to sell or hold out for possible news? It's not like they have a press conference scheduled. It may be just a rumor. It may be big news. Even if it's big news, there's no guarantee that you'll find it out on Monday morning or anytime on Monday. Some will get spooked if there's no news Monday morning, and it WILL drop. Do you sell into it and then kick yourself when they announce a buyout on Tuesday morning? You get my point. Decisions, decisions.

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    • I will tell you what I am going to do on Monday morning, when there is no news (as there likely will not be). I will continue holding my shares and watch the shorts start covering. There is still a ton of short interest in this stock (47M shares) and anyone who was short who didn't cover on Friday is #$%$ their pants all weekend - hoping that a statement is released to indicate that this was all just a rumor. They also know that February's earnings will be better than expected. They also know the bottom has formed and that there is, indeed, a lot of buyers watching this stock from the sidelines who are waiting to get in.

      So what will happen on Monday? Some shorts will quickly cover within the first 20 minutes. The price will hold steady or rise and this will cause a chain reaction of more shorts covering, resulting in another pop like we had on Friday.

      Its not as much about the news as it is about the sentiment within the marketplace. And that has indeed changed. 50M shares exchanging hands on Friday is proof.

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      • I'm inclined to agree with you. I sold for a nice profit on Friday, but then I started to really think about the upside potential versus the downside (for me, it'd have to really go low for me to lose what I've already made on this stock), so I bought back in at $4.77. If nothing else, I think the Seeking Alpha article nailed it (and you). I think people are becoming more bullish on this stock, and may be starting to see some of the upside that I saw when I first got into it. Good luck!

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    • Who cares? Groupon's search biz is in its infancy. Can you hear the huge SUCKING SOUND from Google as everyone begins "discount search"? Party has just begun, IMO. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE....let's get back some of our losses!!!

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    • You should be a psychologist. That is exactly what has been running through my brain. Either way, I have told myself not to get trigger happy. This is like a wild west showdown. If it falls being forced to hold isn't such a bad thing. Cash on hand will make it rise again. Too attractive to others.

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