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  • qaqawsws1234 qaqawsws1234 Feb 27, 2013 7:53 PM Flag

    Gotta LOVE analysts...@sshats

    BEFORE earnings, there's all this glee and talk of 8 or 9 dollars per share. BUY! Upgrades! BUY! International market this, domesitc market that.

    NOW, after earnings were a DISASTER, all these analysts are tripping all over themselves to say how awful GRPN is and how it's shrinking and losing money and blah, blah, blah.

    Why does ANYBODY listen to ANY of them?

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    • How is it groupon went from low of $2.60 to over $6.00 with NO CHANGE in the 1st place...other than a hedge fund buying in and manipulating it up. Someone please take the blindfold off the SEC and ask them. Share price is still WAY ahead of where it should be.

      They make money making it go up AND down. And the SEC gets paid for doing NOTHING.

    • I need a job and I think I can be an analyst. It seems like you don't need to know anything. All they do is to throw out a target price once in a while and make up a fantasy story that they call "professional research report" to support the target price.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Yea how we use to catch crappie. Take a lantern. tie a string on one end and tie it to a tree limb over hanging over the water at night. Let the bugs collect on the water, watch to see if them crappie are hitting on them as their mouths swirl the top of the water. Then hang a jig down their and hook a two or three pounder!

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