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  • sjtbiz sjtbiz Mar 1, 2013 10:18 AM Flag

    As posted to Christian 9:10am, antipasto

    I am very bearish on this stock, have shorted from about 25 down. In theory you would be correct, but there is undue influence from orchestrated privates and institutional's which have been keeping the door open for trading out cheap positions acquired over the last six months. Yesterday between 3:56 and 4:00 3.7 million shares traded, 4 trades of 500,000 shares in that mix, yet the price vacillated only 3 cents. That's a flag, because crossing that amount of stock on a downdraft should have tanked the price. In a word---manipulation, and I guarantee it did not go unnoticed. Your short will come, be patient and look at changes in ownership--GOOD LUCK! Less

    You see Antipasto, unlike you and the other mindless longs, I have a plan based on fact which has suceeded since $25 all the way down on this pig, and I still continue to make money, something you don't appear too interested in.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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