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  • eileenreuter eileenreuter Mar 2, 2013 4:50 PM Flag

    10 reasons the price will keep rising


    1. Mason gone / new CEO speculation
    2. Buyout speculation / rumors
    3. Three whole months to next earnings
    4. Momentum to the upside
    5. Shorting groupon is boring (it's been done!)
    6. Wall St has decided the price will go up
    7. Increasingly pro-groupon bias in financial press
    8. Groupon Goods has potential
    9. Cost cutting headlines (watch and see!)
    10. Shorts. Will Cover. can U say "MOASS"?

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    • 1. Hope in one hand and shitinthe other!
      2. More of one!

    • Then one of the big guns analyst down grade it and we are hosed

      • 1 Reply to relax53
      • ITS just to cheap for there not to be speculation #### 12- Also, many investors seem to have forgotten an important aspect of Groupon: its unusual governance structure that includes Class A and B shares. The public investors own the former, while the other class is held firmly by the co-founders, which include Eric Lefkofsky, Bradley Keywell and CEO Andrew Mason. Each Class B share represents 150 votes, meaning the co-founders have 57.4% voting control. It’s impossible to know what the co-founders might be thinking right now. But back in late 2010, the co-founders decided to rebuff a $6 billion buyout from Google, thinking the offer too cheap. (Of course, since coming public, Groupon has only gotten cheaper... I really feel we have not heard the end of GROUPN as the stock price suggest. This has been picked apart ...... The company provides a good service for business to customer interaction..... The hands on aproach is needed for their platform. They will get it together.

    • I agree with you mostly but the biggest reason is left out number 11 = when everyone is screaming bad business model and all the negativity is when I buy, I have a feeling GRPN is going to keep rising and quickly. We will have to wait and see but I truly believe we will be at $10 in no time. Just an opinion but I have been doing real good with this approach up 60% in 4 months.

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