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  • a33stacybb a33stacybb Mar 27, 2013 2:25 PM Flag

    Many reasons why I have bought Grpn for the first time

    but the main one is me,my friends , family have found ourselves using Groupon more and more.For flowers, concerts, flowers, massages and diners.. So thats the main reason. Of course the low stock price, legg masons miller and the starbucks deal are the others.But the MAIN reason is we are using it more and more often

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    • you forgot to add that it might be a takeover candidate

    • This is the problem and explanation of the current inflated stock price..groupon as a company is a proven failure, so many people have been wiped out of significant sums of money chasing this stock simply because they think that hey i use groupon, it has nice deals, seems like a great company..WRONG!..the numbers dont add up, they always lose money and have yet to show a profit..yes the stock is up everyday lately on sentiment and many small investors buying a few hundred or a few thousand shares, dreaming of making a little money..momentum is bullish..but be warned, this company is a gimmick coupon seller competing in a space full of giants such as google and amazon that sell the same deals, and thats what forces groupon to try and give you an even better deal, and thus kills their profit margins...not to mention this type of space is easily accessible to new competition at any yes groupon may be nice as a bargain for a night out here and there, but the company will fail..and many investors will get crushed, again...this stock is trash and will easily drop harder and faster than it went long can they prop this pig up?..just a matter of time.

    • nice. but groupon has never been and will never be profitable. it is impossible. once this pig is loaded up in everyone's 401k, IRA, and pension funds it will get slaughtered. slamdunk 0. i am patient.

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