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  • weightbayou weightbayou May 5, 2008 1:21 PM Flag

    Keep in mind that avan's patents worth billions.

    wake up

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    • Does that mean AVAN will do a stock split of say 1 = 4 shares when hits $30.00 so the longs who invested can at least recoup some of their initial investment ? Nice to do this and share then at 1 = 4 would be $7.50 and then let it climb to $20 +. Helps off set the 12 = 1 share thingie from 3/08.

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      • thats a great idea! they better then sue glaxos ass off when they get some dough! i had 16k+ now just over 1k if things work out ms. ryan deserves a break and i think she will win out in the end! i feel for the people who have not the time for the mess thats been the last 5 years ! ive held since 02 and ill probably be screaming avant in the old folks home when its my time to go! hopefully theyll have a jack kavorkian drive in clinic with a creamortory when i get that age! when i pull on my first depends im outa here!

      • This patent alone is a blockbuster.

        United States Patent 7,341,860
        Curtiss, III , et al. March 11, 2008

        Regulated antigen delivery system (RADS)

        We describe a regulated antigen delivery system (RADS) that has (a) a vector that includes (1) a gene encoding a desired gene product operably linked to a control sequence, (2) an origin of replication conferring vector replication using DNA polymerase III, and (3) an origin of replication conferring vector replication using DNA polymerase I, where the second origin of replication is operably linked to a control sequence that is repressible by a repressor. The RADS microorganism also has a gene encoding a repressor, operably linked to an activatible control sequence. The RADS described provide high levels of the desired gene product after repression of the high copy number origin of replication is lifted. The RADS are particularly useful as live bacterial vaccines. Also described is a delayed RADS system, in which there is a delay before the high copy number origin is expressed after the repression is lifted. The delayed RADS is also particularly useful for live bacterial vaccines. Also described are several control elements useful for these systems, as well as methods for providing immunity to a pathogen in a vertebrate immunized with the RADS microorganisms.

        Inventors: Curtiss, III; Roy (St. Louis, MO), Tinge; Steven A. (Belleville, IL)
        Assignee: Washington University (Saint Louis, MO)
        AVANT Immunotherapeutics, Inc. (Needham, MA)

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