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  • aufan737 aufan737 Apr 29, 2010 7:11 PM Flag

    I will probably buy a few CLDX.. Never said it was bad

    I never meant to sound like I was taking a shot at CLDX. I can't stand shorts and don't want to be confused as sounding like them.

    I was just trying to make the point that without FDA you really can't compare the two. For all those that ask me about DNDN I can tell you what it was like without approval. Life on the edge. I first bought DNDN when they made their first run 2 or 3 years back. I was in for 500 shares @ 7.50 - 8.00 area. I enjoyed the climb to about 19.00 and sold only 100. Then one morning I woke up to the news that DNDN was denied approval and the pps dropped to 6.00 before the premarket opened.

    I bought again last summer around 7.00 - 8.00 and the next morning it jumped to 21.00 where I cashed out all but 100.00. I didn't buy again until 2 weeks ago and last week but only bought 100 for fear of denial. Now I can breathe.

    I will buy some CLDX for the same type of play but we can only hope until that day just like DNDN had today. Until then its life on the edge.

    What time frame are we looking at? Anyone?

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    • aufan I love Auburn especially the old Pat Dye days...but bama and Bear will always be in my blood..I worshiped the ground that man walked on as a young man!

      ok to business...time frames..some here will disput me..thats ok.. but our near term event is w/ CDX-110 in GBM partnered w/ PFE! Many of us believe that PFE will announce this summer a P-3 strategy.I believe they will go for a SPA arrangement which will be pivotal and non camparative! Figure 1 year to enroll patients, another year to submit data is 2 years out! Thats conservative! Others believe the path will be faster and more compassionate but we should have our vaccine on the market approved by 2012-2013 if its fast tracked!

      Its in PFEs hands.. we are along for the ride and looking to our future w/ other notable compounds such as cdx-011 in Breast ca. and Melanoma!

      Go to the co. website and look at the pipe..its mind boggling!

      btw//Bear was the head coach at Maryland way back in 1945... I matriculated 1970-1974 Claiborne era and he was considered a legend where I grew up and played ball! (pop warner that is in the 60's!)

      enjoy the read!


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      • Glad to hear you also like Auburn,lol. I really hated seeing Saaban go to Alabama. We had things going our way and beating Alabama was a way of life. Things have changed now and its going to be tough from now on.

        I met Bear in his office when I was a young nosey He was super nice to us and I have to agree he was probably the greatest to ever coach college football.

        Thanks a million for the info. I will check into this more on their website as you suggested. It sounds like a promising future for sure.

        Again my thanks

    • I see a big ~400 million $ partnership this year for cdx-011. Approval for CDX-100 in 2 years?? The big unknown is cdx-1307 - that gem can be used for at least 5 types of cancers.

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