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  • weightbayou weightbayou Oct 9, 2010 2:51 PM Flag

    Let me be very clear on this matter.

    Celldex(Avant Immunotherapeutics and Curagen)has over 250 filed patent applications according to their website. When some of these blockbuster patents get issued watch what the share price will do.

    Intellectual Property
    We have developed a significant Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio that covers our technology platforms, protects our products in development, and blocks others seeking to imitate our approach. Our total patent portfolio includes over 250 filed applications and over 250 issued patents, which we either own or control. We intend to continue to build this portfolio.

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    • This is a nice one especially since meridia will be taken off the market.

      United States Patent Application 20070207148
      Kind Code A1
      Lewin; David ; et al. September 6, 2007


      The instant invention is concerned with genes associated with obesity. Additionally, the invention provides methods of using the differential expression of these genes associated with obesity to diagnose and treat obesity, as well as to screen for compounds useful for treating obesity.

    • Don't tell the shorts.

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      • Yes- thank you for mentioning their strategic position with IP and how it relates to strategy.

        RE: Shorts- but I don't think that they are sentient beings. Algo trading- Agree! The uptick rule should be restored. Yeah, verily I'm OK with SP because it gives me more time to accum. But then- the boom days are fun. I thought the pairing of news pieces that drove SP this last time was very interesting and I expect that it is going to happen again in Nov. Should ramp up nicely with word from scientific community as we get clinical news about results truly remarkable with CLDX and all of the companies in this space SGEN, GENE, maybe Bayer. ADC. precision targeting, etc.

        For buyout I am also thinking Bayer as a possibility because of the Curagen linkage. I'd prefer an independent CLDX

        Again. I'm wary of the term "blockbuster" when applied to CLDX. It is an anachronism in some way when we talk about personalized medicine...which to me means a shift target of immunotherapeutics somewhat like HART (highly active antiretorviral treatment). Oncogenes, shift in tumor expression with treatment.. etc etc.

        IP will support commercialization of the science potentially across onc as well as other target- i.e. infectious disease target- viral, bacterial, vibrio- retrovirus, implications for stem cell and transplant as well as autoimmune diseases; I don't see anything yet with fungal infections or prions. (Uh- ha ha). CLDX is listed in biodefense portfolios as well and I recall reading.. don't recall but it may be in the gram negative endotoxemia space (anthrax)

        Of course we are here as investors so I am not touchy about "blockbuster" but I think that is the paradigm of the likes of PFE, which is why they may (for now) miss the boat in immunotherapy as applied to personalized medicine. But... they can make a bunch of money selling dog mouthwash and come back when they are not so timid.. I think some heads rolled with the Mylotarg deal.

        BTW we do personalized medicine all of the time already by prescribing drug combos for single disease targets and of this practice FDA has nothing to say and it is out of their regulatory scope.

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