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  • frankfrazzano frankfrazzano Dec 9, 2010 5:09 PM Flag

    Are we a one trick pony?

    No we are not, but we have an asset in CDX-110 which is far enough along, and proven to be viable and safe so that we can take the next steps in do our P-3 trials to prepare for an nda!

    We lso have pipe assets that are moving into the clinic w/ CDX-011 in Breast and Melanoma and that too will move into next phase...

    CLDX is therefore in a sweet spot and Chews article would seem to identify re-evaluation of sum of the parts in mnay Bios but I think CLDX has best of both worlds....

    Remember that BMY returned XL-184 to EXEL this year and all Hell broke loose, only to find new partnerships emerging and as of today I am glad I own EXEL too w/ f/c shares when like CLDX... NO ONE wanted it at 2+ I stepped up bought what many consider is the best Bio to own today!

    Who knows if my EXEL will be bought out but the point is you must own good Bios that have that potential...CLDX is imo a perfect fit not quite the Incubator that EXEL is but in its own right formidable!

    I buy Fur in the summertime and bathing suits in the wintertime!


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    • one must in followup understand the nature of mature assets in BIO, as it relates to big pharma partners!

      In EXEL we have a co. that has XL-184 which is a POTENTIAL GOLDMINE in that it has proven validity in many cancers but more importantly has shown a signal to REDUCE BONE METASTISIS....this is CLINICALLY unheard of up until the recent Berlin data...BMY was NOT willing to pay up for this and EXEL walked on BMY...

      We know that advanced mets in bone is the final stage of disease and recently in Breast ca. Ms. Edwards who just passed was at this point in disease may God help her soul!

      why is this important to us at CLDX and CDX-110 and GBM?

      Because we now know that EXEL is focusing XL-184 in those cancers like CR Prostrate(why I say DNDN wannabe is toast!) and Ovarian, plus others like NSCLC, Breast, Liver, Myeloma, etc. where they have seen stong resolution "partial" mostly but never the less in those resistant to SOC!

      They are NOT advancing XL-184 in GBM as of my post!

      We therefore will have the door open to advance CDX-110 w/o 184 competing both for patients as well as EXEL focus...meaning a partner to 110 would also not need to concern themselves w/ EXEL in GBM and could have the pathway to nda more likely to be unimpeded!

      Look this is very fluid and a constantly moving target and I can NOT guarantee that I have it ALL right...I am sifting through the data daily and trying to make good calls for us longs...

      I own both EXEL and CLDX long and I will NOT sell either at this point in time...


    • Frank, remember this?

      "Demonstrating that targeting CD27 receptors with our antibodies can increase the numbers of responding T cells and can directly impact tumor cells expressing CD27 was a critical step for us in translating this program towards human clinical studies," said Tibor Keler, Ph.D., Celldex Therapeutics' Chief Scientific Officer.

      "The CDX-1127 antibody program demonstrates our development capabilities, and will add to our growing pipeline of product candidates in our Precision Targeted Immunotherapy Platform," added Anthony S. Marucci, President and Chief Executive Officer of Celldex Therapeutics, Inc.

    • Celldex is a 8-10 trick pony. CDX-011 is the one that will likely lead to a big partnership.

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