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  • elstockjock elstockjock Dec 1, 2011 4:57 PM Flag

    How close

    Yes sir, I did.
    Seems most are in this for a buyout and expect that to happen much before any drug approval.
    Since I didn't spend the time reading back very far on posts, I did not know if my question was redundant or not.
    You can post your number, as it is safe with me.

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    • What I don't get that if this is an indeed a great target for buy out why wouldn't the buyer make the move now when it is as these ridiculously reduced prices? What factors will change that would make this stock a better or worse buyout option in the next few years?

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      • I would suspect the buyer would like more clarity of drug success before any offer is made.

      • about a confirming ACT IV trial which is BLINDED and INTERNATIONAL at over 150 different sites...don't you think that if this trial proves what we saw in P-2 the FDA would have to approve the drug?

        that's usually when a BUYER/Partner decides to GO ALL IN!As we get into the trial, maybe even take a peak at the prelims...a partner will surface imo!

        Sure or nearly 100% sure bets..because the alternative is a catastrophe when you bet wrong and too early!

        Now the FARTHER CLDX goes out in time w/ this TRIAL the more the BUYOUT PRICE goes up or the partnership cost so its not a one way street my friend...CLDX has the right of FIRST REFUSAL and they ain't given away our IP to satisfy ST players...they see thier co. as being worth 10x the current stock p now and much more over time!

        Get It?


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