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  • elstockjock elstockjock Dec 15, 2011 3:14 PM Flag

    Should the rich get a tax break

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    • [Finally, A Rich American Destroys The Fiction That Rich People Create The Jobs] =====================================================

      "Move along, people... Nothing to see here but more media/liberal tripe. Sheese! What Mr. Blodget conveniently overlooks with his "customer" view point to substantiate his liberal wealth redistribution concept is that entrepreneurs look for niches (e.g., making a product or providing a service that makes folks' lives better). And, just like Henry Ford, if there were no potential for customers, the business model simply wouldn't work, the company would go out of business, & the workers would be without jobs. Part of the key to Ford's success is he made his products affordable to his workers (i.e., he didn't pillage the company with outsized demands for salaries, benefits, & perks like a number of the executives in companies do now). Ford wasn't successful because the gov't re-distributed (inefficiently, btw) the fruits of Ford's labor."

      I think this guy has it about right.


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      • "Ford wasn't successful because the gov't re-distributed (inefficiently, btw) the fruits of Ford's labor."
 Why would that make somebody successful? He was successful because he had a genius idea and a great work ethic, among other things. He also happily paid 63 - 79% taxes on his earnings for the better part of his career. Maybe you are right, perhaps we should go back to that kind of upper tax bracket. I'd be happy going back to the levels of the 1990's but if you want to return to the times of Henry Ford, I would be open to discussing your rationale. You are right that this tax rate did not seem to magically make Ford throw in the towel and say no more cars. He kept on improving them and the process, regardless of the tax rate. That is what winners do. They work hard and make the best of their current situation. They don't cry about paying a couple of extra dollars into a system that creates the opportunity for them to get more customers....thus make more money.

    • Not entirely true. Rich people do create jobs....just not in America.

    • Good read

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