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  • frankfrazzano frankfrazzano Jan 20, 2012 6:36 PM Flag

    GPNMB is seen as high as 71% in one study!

    it is certainly more prevalent than 25-40% and this should SERVE AS A WARNING to women, to be vigilant, and have their screening doctors equally as VIGILENT!

    ..early and accurate screening can save lives!


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    • What the Hellll is Zacks upto this Saterday? Are they playing some kind of a game?


    • this is a good scientific paper regarding GPNMB and cdx-011

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      • Thanks for posting the link. I had considered posting it also, but decided not to because the paper dates back to 2009-2010; it's about old and preliminary clinical data.

        Nevertheless, recent human trials appear to support the paper's thesis about the activity and effectiveness of cdx-011. The big reveal will come when the EMERGE trial results are published.

        Perhaps the investor conference on Monday morning will shed more light on cdx-011's efficacy that even in 2009 was beginning to become apparent to researchers.

    • GESS!! Frank and Rays at it again!! Get a room, brothers!!!


      On a real; I have learned so much about biotech since I joined this board. No other board I know is as active with little circle of peeps from various backgrounds yet all in for the same cause. I was a complete newbie in this sector but that's slowly changing and I appreciate the wiliness shown by many of you to share information and answer questions to help educate others.

    • Correct Frank, if what we are reading is so, and I believe it to be so, 011 should be first line treatment to assist in stoping cell migration. Read below.

      " Finally, GPNMB expression in breast cancer cells is capable of promoting cell migration, invasion, and metastasis both in vitro and in vivo.[12][14]"

      With a 71% GPNMB EXPRESSION at the potential High, and a 40% GPNMB EXPRESSION at the potential low figure, and with statements like "it (011), the drug, works," I can certainly see why the excitement, and positive sentiment is growing rapidly.

      I have been following Celldex since 2008, and I have never been more excited than I am right now.

      Can't wait until Monday!!!!!!!

      Go Celldex Go!


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      • rays..from my readings and again I am not the science guy, shares and long-vrts, others are far smarter than I/you, but my DD tells me that when looking at all breast cancers in the general population on initial screens, we are seeing rates as high as 40% for GPNMB protein.

        That being said, when breast cancers are caught later in cycle or have metasticized, that is spread to lymph nodes, or extra organ spread like lung,and/or including bone,and Dr Vahdat will clear this up on Mondays conference, so she was able to than isolate on 12/14 patients who had major mets,the GPNMB protein!

        So when they studied 011 it had the ability to slow this metasticization or spread and that is the rationale for empiric use, upfront and first line!

        I can see them breaking out the TNBC group as a smaller subset group w/ especially high UNMET need and few meds. and this could be the basis of an ORPHANED/Fast track approval process!

        This could lead to a Fast track approval and get the drug on market sooner/but more limited, and if CLDX decides to risk approval early on w/ P-2/3 data I would think it would be in this HIGH RISK/M&M/TNBC subset! That would be my approach if the TNBC data was that robust/ and reproducible, and the trials were well conducted! I would risk it!

        They can always come back later and add indications or broader groups! I think they could either partner this asset, and btw call their own shots on valuation, or outright sell the asset. They sold PFE on 110 w/ far less power, on a much smaller asset, but that was a $400M deal in total, If I remember correctly!They got a $40M upfront and almost full boat developmental cost ride! This was the basis of my contention w/ Para, because I saw AM as a smart negotiator, whereas Para, others thought he was a moron!

        Given what I know about Herceptin and the current sales at ~$6B... I believe 011 would have a potential market in Breast alone,again its active in advanced melanoma(yervoylike,ok!)..BMY did $300M+ in Q-4 last year on launch! They say its a Multi-Billion dollar asset maybe $10B we are in that marketplace along w/ BMY, others I like!

        I must think its worth multiples of Herceptin!

        I do not mean to blow smoke, just that it could be worth a 2-3x multiple of Herceptin in a perfect world, so what do you discount it back? Whats its worth to a large pharma partner? I know for a fact AM is in discussions w/ several contenders!

        I just know now that this asset is probably the most valuable, and 110 in GBM is farthest along! CLDX is in a sweet spot and LONGS should hold the majority of shares, and trade the big swings a little!

        That is how Im playing my 17K shares! Remember CLDX is but 1 of 15 holdings for me, and my basket is well diversified!

        In fact I would ADD on any dip at this point,rejigger the mix in my portfolio, and I have plenty dry powda ready to go!

        Not bragging, im just saying!


    • H, Saleh M, Bendell J, Hart L, Rose A, Dong Z, Siegel P, Crane M, Donovan D, Crowley D, Simantov R, Vahdat L (December 2009). "A Phase (Ph) I/II Study of CR011-VcMMAE, an Antibody-Drug Conjugate, in Patients (Pts) with Locally Advanced or Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC)". Cancer Research 69 (24 (Meeting Abstract Supplement)): 6096. doi:10.1158/0008-5472.SABCS-09-6096.

      of course a source for this statement is a must!

      ...please note that Dr Vahdat is our 011 speaker on Monday and an author of this study w/ this frequency which was 10/14 breast cancers screened randomly!

      This is NOT hype it is science and I resent the remarks/low numbers made by soniqia who is WRONG!


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