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  • eduardohernandez128 eduardohernandez128 Jan 23, 2013 6:13 PM Flag

    Sorry Frank

    Man, I have been trying hard not to say this to not upset the karma of this board and I have only been posting for a couple of months here. Frank you are out of control with your comments, they are childish, disrespectful and ignorant. I have decided you are not worthy of being read on this board for me so I am putting you on ignore and let you spew your garbage to those that give a #$%$ what you have to say. Plain and are a rude human being! And this has nothing to do with your political views just your lack of humanity. Thanks though for getting me in to CLDX, it was because of your ranting that I did my DD to get in to CLDX. Good luck.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Can you imagine a man in his sixties with children who posts like he does? Apparently the stress of losing money year after year after year added to the cycle of life in which a child becomes a man and back to a child again before dying is out front for all to see due to his willingness to post every emotion and angry thought that enters his rapidly collapsing little mind. If it wasn't so sad it would be hilarious and few would believe it if it didn't go on month after month after month.

      The reality is what only connecting the dots could convey. From a portfolio completely lacking in any sector diversification in early 2010 - with many high risk micro-cap biotechs - to a crushing close of 2011 in which almost all tiny biotechs ended the year massacred - his losses have led him to even riskier biotech "penny" plays in 2012 as his desperation to recover those losses overcame good sense.

      Happy, successful, well adjusted people do not spend this kind of time, making this many posts, screaming and ranting and raving about anything. All those claims of success, immediately rushing to announce any trade that went well, the desperation to receive credit for a stock moving up (when the S&P has moved up to five year highs and losing money in long positions is actually fairly hard to have done), always claiming to have bought more (at the bottom) later but never saying it at the moment when the result was in doubt, combined with a track record (due to being an unrestrained announcer of the things he's bought because he seems to believe that pulling in other little buyers afterwards can help his own earlier buys) of touting so many losing positions at much higher levels and all the way down provide a very obvious picture of an insecure, unaccomplished, money losing investor in equities that is poorer today than he was several years ago.

      The inability to maintain a consistent demeanor and the erratic behavior means the stress is becoming harder and harder to carry as the few market successes he has are inevitably slammed to the curb by another larger trading gamble gone horribly wrong.

      It would not be surprising to learn that his wife and kids are all asking him to let his remaining money be managed by professionals even if that means a minimal return so as to end the never ending streak of catastrophic trades and allow a predictable reliable return and capital preservation.

      What is most clear, is that on all of the non-CLDX political diatribes the handful of regular posters here that have never take offense at his over the top and intellectually offensive - usually bigoted or racist - posts are the most obvious hypocrites and likely similarly unimpressive individuals. If they read his posts and never take a stand on their unacceptability their silence is an indictment of their own character or lack thereof.

      Like another I find a specific half dozen or so posters here repellant. Sometimes I would actually be willing to let this fall back to $2 or $3 a share and eat a $75K+ fall from the current price (it would hurt but my 12K shares are but a fraction of my total portfolio) just to know these ignorant few got clocked on this investment.

      I've got to believe that while it is nothing surprising to know Yahoo is populated by lots of these types it would be great to hear someone respected like a long_vrts weigh in on those six or seven bigots to try and get this off topic annoyance tempered. Of course, they would then childishly refuse even his entreaties as they consistently exhibit the petulance of children and the classlessness of the nonredeemable.

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