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  • jjgrabowskijr jjgrabowskijr Feb 8, 2013 1:28 PM Flag

    Just because institutions bought at 7.50 doesn't mean that's a floor

    Longs are making a risky assumption. 7.50 could easily become resistance if the price drops much lower.

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    • Investors just pumped $97 million into CLDX without a guaranteed return or percentage of ownership of any of Celldex's pipeline products.

      Certainly the price could drop below $7.50, but the smart money is all behind Celldex. The fact that a retail price of $7.50 per share was paid for this offering means to me that there is strong confidence that Celldex is going to reap big returns. The group or groups that pumped in that much money made a calculated investment in a biotech company that has one or two products that will make it to market with $1Billion per year or more of revenue potential.

      There is nothing in the investment world that is fail safe, but the risk to reward ratio in Celldex is extremely low compared to other biotech companies and Celldex appears to be a solid investment for at least the next couple of years. The money that was just pumped into the company just confirmed that belief for all of us long shareholders and will take us to new levels.

      I thought of $7.50 as a floor also...but I realize now that this is going to be a very short term floor.
      Within a couple of weeks, (as we approach the March conference call), the floor is going to climb higher.

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      • Yes, the fact that they would put 97 million into CLDX without discount, pardon the pun again, but again screams volumes untold, given that hedge funds and others are not inclined to one penny wasteful spending or less than minimally several times more the return! Hence, this screams a screaming buy - and how wonderfully severely undervalued we are. As a side note interesting (but I suppose with all due fairness to slanted interests, lol) that Adam F in his recent "mild praise" but still tired mantra of "voiced concern" about efficacy of size of recent CDX-011 trial results fails to mention this atypical 90M purchase at market price anomaly!

      • I would have to agree that $7.50 is indeed going to be the near-term floor. Based on recent events, in my estimation we remain here in a trading range between this floor and $7.75 for few days maybe a week, then leg up into low double digits within a couple of weeks heading into and out of the confernece call. There is a nice pennant formation forming that is a technical signal that supports this as well, although news is primary catalyst that supports this view.

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    • Your barking up the wrong tree here Pal. Try another board

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    • Stimpy, You Idiot!!!

    • jj are U serious..I have R=8.05 and YOUR 7.50 are a ways U understand that CLDX just pulled off the Financing coup of the 2013?

      ..any Bio can fall true enough but this one is hitting on ALL 8 CYLINDERS baby!

      next up is March Madne$$... if not sooner and we hear what FDA and CLDX negotiated on P-3 Glemba trial!

      please do U know what WE ARE HOLDING here or are you just along for a superficial ride?


    • Sorry, pal not on this on. Please do a little DD. Also it is not that prices don't drop below offering that is a common/frequent occurrence. What you fail to (conveniently) leave out is that the $7.50 offering was THE RETAIL price the same day within a nickel. Get it! In other words, my dear benevolent friend there was NO Institutional dilution, no dilution of share price. Essential it as a market order. No discount. A rare, rare event! So damn favorable. Period!

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      • Neshua,

        Agree. I talked to one of my brokers on the CLDX offering, because as I posted a couple of days ago, I was expecting a haircut in pps- and then the price came in at a premium compared to where it was trading a couple of days before. He told me that CLDX's offering was one of the best received biotech offerings that he's ever seen. So I totally agree with you that this is pointing to very favorable prospects going forward!

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