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  • cyoung8404 cyoung8404 May 8, 2013 9:03 PM Flag

    How sad...

    I checked in to see why CLDX was sliding, and I realized that some people are still trying to debate the last election on this message board. Too bad we can't stick to investing issues. Most sane people have moved on because the people have spoken. That's what makes our country great. The next round of elections will come soon enough, and I for one will spend my time trying to quietly make money. By the way, my portfolio and the rest of the market has done very well the last couple of years. If President Obama is going to be judged on every little thing, I guess we have to give him credit for the stock market's recovery. The American auto industry is doing pretty well, and the bank bailout seems to have more than stabilized the banking industry. All the doom and gloom the tea party crew was throwing around hasn't seemed to materialize. Things will get better for the younger generation is much more diverse, open minded, and intelligent than the angry old men who are dooming the Republican Party to second place on the national scene.

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    • Agree 100%. There was a time when I was hoping for a McCain-Graham ticket. This was well before the tea party lunatics forcing every one to lurch to the right in the name of the constitution. All bs. Now, both McCain and Lindsey Graham have lurched to the right to protect themselves from a primary fight. Reasonable/sensible conservative policies are now considered "leftist". Look at how the GOP keeps Chris Christie at arms length. That is probably the only Republican who represents the mainstream. Sadly, he will have to run to his right to appease the lunatics within his party to get nominated..and therefore lose a very winnable election. I voted for Obama twice, the first time the decision to switch from McCain to Obama was due to the Palin pick. The second time, there was no way I was going to vote for a serial flip-flopper who would be held hostage by the lunatics even though I feel that he would have made a good President. He was forced to lurch to the right to win the primaries and then flip-flop on many positions in an attempt to move to the center. Romney was always a moderate but made himself look "severely" conservative and lost a winnable election.

    • Things are dandy until it's time to pay the piper. Those trillions in debt that have accrued and will continue to accrue cannot be wished away, and you cannot circumvent the laws of economics. Things would seem just fine to a guy who's on a spending binge with his credit card until either he bumps up against his credit limit or until he has to begin paying down the debt. Let's see Obama's plan for paying down debt. Oops, he doesn't have one: all he does is spend. That works until it suddenly and catastrophically doesn't. Obama's name will be reviled by those who have to live with the consequences of his profligacy.

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