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  • stockguyone stockguyone May 16, 2013 2:19 PM Flag

    Corrupt Dems with a Socialist agenda are incapable of governing what's left of this country

    What did everyone expect from the Bigot Socialist BHO and his corrupt henchmen other than what you're getting. That there is anyone left who is defending the loser idiot BHO and his bigot crew explains just why they call you BHO lovers sheeple.

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    • "What did everyone expect from the Bigot Socialist BHO"


      Its actually kind of funny listening to these idiot RePuketard White Supremist racists call Obama a bigot. Pot, meet kettle.

      "What did everyone expect other than what you're getting"

      I expected a raging bull market, since liberals are so much better for the economy than puketards, and it is exactly what I've gotten. Do you long for the Bush days of yore when 800 point down days in the Dow were customary?

      You know, Bushtards complaining about Obama is like Germans complaining about whoever followed Hitler. It kind of rings hollow, know what I mean?

    • Yeah, on top of it BHO has a messiah complex so he felt he was justified in anything he did because it was right in his own mind. He won't accept responsibility nor blame for anything he does because he thinks he's God's gift, entitled to privilege and power and authorized to wield it however he pleases.

      But the paradox is that even though he has a messiah complex and feels entitled to privilege and power, he's a coward. He'd rather let things happen and take credit for what goes right on its own after the fact while disavowing whatever goes wrong.

      BHO is an immature, petulant punk who is incapable of governing and afraid to make the important decisions.

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