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  • insiderknowsmuch insiderknowsmuch May 22, 2013 3:24 PM Flag

    no matter how yoi slice it, today is horrible for longs, momo is down now

    they cant deny that

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    • yeah, that .08 cent loss will kill me. I'm up over 100 grand. how are you doing d. head.?

    • Mediocre volumn, decent comeback from the day's lows. I don't know what your problem is, dude. Let me try to put somethings in perspective for you. Very few small biotech firms have as many possible medications and therapeutic treatments in development and in clinical study as cldx. The diseases that could possibly effectively range from certain cancers to HIV and more. That's not to say that all of their 9 possibilities will pass and be approved by the FDA, but nobody would be shocked that a few may get approved in a year or maybe less time.

      Like most small bios, this is a speculative bet and frankly, anyone who bets the house on spec. stocks should have their head examined.

      The bottom line is that with what they have going for them seems to be a virtual certainty that they will achieve a minimum of modest success on the low end to a mega home run or more on the high end. Either way, with approvals and perhaps a partner along the way, today's $12.53 close will be hen feed compared to where I think it will be in value 12 to 24 months ago. If you are not a shareholder, but want to just make noise on this board to achieve a sense of self-gratification, may I suggest that there may be a better way for you to be self-gratified. Just make sure that the bathroom door is closed and locked. You don't want your family peeking at you.

    • REALLY ?? its down 8 cents...moron

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