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  • eduardohernandez128 eduardohernandez128 Jul 6, 2013 11:46 AM Flag

    Expect pullback

    I do expect a pull back at some point without an announcement. If there is not news next week, I would expect a pull back, but wether it is Monday or later in the week after another run is the obvious unknown. Or like some have said, maybe there is a buyout offer in the works, who knows right? Regardless, it will a lot of fun to watch it develop.

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    • Why does there have to be a pullback? I always here this kind of talk. Most of us know on this board that cldx was very under valued. Could it be that we are just reaching a price that it should be? Down days ahead, of course. Nothing goes straight up without down days. I say we move higher because of takeover rumors, approvals ahead and whatever. Cldx will be the next big thing in biotech.

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      • Analogously, if we take a look at, for example, PCYC with its 8B drug break through status designation, fully "expected" but its low volume day in day out under 800K trading it should have never reached 95.00, perhaps 40-50 leveled and dropped back. Does that mean that a breakthrough designation and partner will do the same with a pipeline infinitely better and 100% owned? Or with partner indications other than CDX-011 and Rindo 100% owned going forward. The fact is there are so many F variables. It does not suffice to say it needs to plunge 10-20% and re-consolidate. IT has come into its own. It is called Visibility warranted after all these years, after being beaten up, beaten down, severely undervalued for years. It is now attaining /attained for the moment fair (or fairer) valuation. The trading that preceded during short week but manifested on Friday was nothing but astounding. 130, 150K thrown consistently out it, would not budge down. Bought up and raised continuously. One million shares traded per hour throughout the entire trading session. from bell to bell. Don't think buyout at all! Not for a second. Not at this point. But GOOD/EXCELLENT News which will not just justify but continue to build/expand volume (look at volume day over day, its has been exponentially increasing over the last couple of weeks. And no this is not just the All Mighty God Cramer, this is strong institutional increased BUYING with a lot of unprocessed things yet to be fully priced in, in the near term. In Any case we are looking at 30.00 solid y end of year. With meaningful partnership (think Pfizer 90M upfront and think today, um?) much more than 30.00. MUCHO!

      • j20 you forgot one thing The BT sector is HOT thanks to ONXX. Many investors are looking for the next BO company. This could push CLDX PPS higher.

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      • j20, i agree with you,one question,takeover rumors,is that just BS on the board or am i missing something?

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